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| Love is friendship that has caught fire.

Avocados are heavy, comforting and nourishing. They are increadbly earthy. That natural earthy heaviness will be calming and help to redirect attention inward. Meditation or journaling anyone?
Adding a bitter like cilantro and a sour like lime, will lighten up the heaviness and allow you to better digest such an earthy heavy fruit. Pinch of salt to amplify taste will allow you to retain moisture and that avocado will lubticate intestines, moisten lungs, soothe joints, moisturize dry hair, nails and even give your libido a jump start.
Like we needed anymore reason to love avocado 🥑💞#ayurveda

(Recipe on bottom)
This summer Ive done quite a bit of travel and I have one more trip planned but I feel tired.
I really shouldnt complain. I am quite privileged and many people do not get to travel as often as they wish so I should really hush but I am sharing what I am feeling.
I flew home from Denver yesterday with my two kids and dog on a very bumpy air ride. The flight attendants were holding on as they poured the drinks.
I read a book about renovating ruins in Tuscany to take myself somewhere else but my body was so rigid and stiff trying to not be thrown side to side and I had a moment of pure exhustion.
I looked about the cabin, at my daughter, my sleeping dog, my son, the other passengers swaying from the ride and I just longed for some stability.
When I got home, I knew I had a full week planned with clients which gave me joy because work is the most stable thing I do and I made some strength rebuilding tonic and got some good sleep to get back on track!
Today, I also chatted with my astrologist. I needed some kind of confirmation that I am not a nut case lol. I totally forgot about the lunar eclipse so she reassured me that a lot of my feelings (most i have not mentioned) are from the shifts in the cosmos and what I should do about it. Thank you.
1 Cup Fresh almond milk with the almond pulp (peeled almonds)
2-3 Dates
2tsp ghee
1/4 tsp of cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, pepper, cumin.
Blend until liquid.

I love oranges as an appetizer (I eat them about 30min prior to dinner) because they are a cholagogue (stimulate the release of bile to improve digestion) and a sialogogue ( increase saliva which also increases digestion bc digestion begins in the mouth.)
Lets not forget they refresh the skin and detoxify the body. #ayurveda

Dear World,
We are here to inform you of our unbreakable nature.
- My Children

I've been so spoiled here in Colorado. Mom is the best host and with so many beautiful organic grocery stores, yoga & pilates at my finger tips, fantastic views and weather, I feel so taken care of and peaceful.
I did have to vamp up the coconut water, avocado, and cherries to keep my skin and body hydrated. Mom has cherry trees so that was easy.
I've been applying coconut oil in my nostrils bc at over 6200ft above sea level here at mom's house, I've definitely felt the dryness.
There really is no place like home. The children have unanimously decided that grandma's house will from now on be the summer vacation destination. #ayurveda

When in Colorado, you must be properly prepared for the weather. #italiangreyhound #iggy

Whenever I eat food raw or cold, in this case avocado and tomato, I love adding a pungent bitter herb like dill. The energetic effects of pungent (spicy) herbs and spices is heat. Cold food sits heavy and dull in the stomach, pungents invigorate the digestive fire, warming the belly. The bitter taste is a powerful digestive aid. In ayurveda, a sign of a healthy gut is effective transit time. Meaning if I eat, I plan to eliminate that meal in 6-8hrs. The longer the food sits inside the body, fermentation and not so great bacterial overgrowth starts to take the drivers seat leading to common digestive problems that can lead to more chronic issues. Adding bitters to your meal, even just a sprig of parsley, will help digestive ability. #ayurveda

You know what... with the hustle of life, the drive to be a boss, an entrepreneur, a leader, an influencer, if all I ever was, was Mom... I would be 100% content with life.
No matter the outcome of all those other things, when I lay my head down at night, I can sleep knowing that I did what I was born to do. I was born to be their Mom. And that is the greatest privilege of my life. #dharma

| The beauty of you is not where you are perfect. It is where you are fearless. - @cleowade | I want to thank @myrosebuddha so much for sending me these beautiful yoga pants that are made out of recycled bottles. I've got the Savannah print and they are stunning! Quite possibly my new fave yoga pants! Hands down!
Room design by my momma.❤ #momshouse #artist

| Breakfast.

Fresh herbs that my mom and I picked this morning and tarte cherry preserves that she made from her cherry tree. Of course homemade gnocchi because mom and I love Italy so much.
Cherry during the summer are wonderful because they detox the liver which is a hot firey organ that can feel overwelmed in the summer heat.
Cherries are also a skin tonic which i definitely need in the heat. Their sweet and sour tastes moisturize the skin and give you that healthy glow. #ayurveda

Good Morning Colorado. Home. I sure have missed you. There is a crispness to the air in the mornings here from the lack of humidity, so different from the East. It wakes up the body. I love it. I have missed it.
In the evenings when we look out at the view and the city lights up, I swear it looks just like the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
My morning routine is waking with the sunrise, scraping my tongue, and drinking a fair amount or room temp or warm water. Your body cleans and detoxifies itself during the night (granted you sleep) leaves a residue on the tongue. The scraping gets it off but also wakes the digestive system up. This residue also gives you a window into what your digestive ability is doing.
The water is for flushing as well, not so much for hydration. It encourges peristalsis and detox residue flushing.
Next I move my body which includes walking the dog and yoga at home.
And finally, Coffee!!!

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