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Eva Winter  ✨Love is a state of being


Be responsible enough to know what you are doing to yourself and the world.
And Im not even talking how it affects your body. Next time I will, stay tuned✨

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Chapter five is available now.
Read online on:
www.evawinterworld.com 🌾🌾🌾
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Staying home all day has its blessings.

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We live in a world where we choose not to be ourselves.
Apps that add "beauty" and "retouching" our selfies in order to transform the vision into something we find "beautiful" to others.
We put on this apps as we put on our masks everyday. With our friends, family, co-workers and strangers we meet.
We're told were not good enough but then we're offered a solution-you can always "fix" yourself.
You only need to work for it.

Release yourself from this empty slavery. Stop trying to fit in and know yourself,love yourself for being who you are.
Acceptance is the key to happiness.

I'm in a gift sharing mood.
Just saying🦄

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This is a wake up call for you.
Wake up...

The higher of you is glad You woke up,
The bitter and low knows no better.
The highest feels joy and loves to be you,
The lowest of you wants you bitter.
The highest is love, the highest is truth,
The lowest is empty, it's anger.
Don't be the bitter,
Don't feed the low,
The highest will show you how much you can grow.
#aspireforgreatness #dontfeedyourego #feedyoursoul #evawinter #evawinterworld ✨🙏🏻✨

Did you ever asked yourself why?
Why are you here? Why do we exist? Why do people treat each other like they do?
Who are we?Who are YOU?
#meaningoflife #thebiggestwhy ✨✨✨ As children we live in a world full of wonder and adventures, a world where anything can happen.
Well this world is still there but we just refuse to see it.
We treat ourselves as bad as we treat each other and we live in suffering.
Our perception is built by a system that was designed to make us numb and dumb.
Our mind is shaped by the society's "normal" standards and we all try to fit in, leaving behind our unique abilities , our spark.
Because we are all unique and talented and deserve a life full of magic and happiness.
Start asking yourself who are you and follow the feeling that makes you feel inspired, alive, enthusiastic.
The reality is as we allow it to be and it is a time for a change.
A great shift in human consciousness is already here and you have a big part in building a better future to all of us.
Start with believing in yourself, start with love. 🙏🏻❤️✨ #EvaWinter www.evawinterworld.com

www.evawinterworld.com #readonline #lifeafterdeath

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