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Evan Travers  Inveterate tinkerer, purveyor of bad accents and good stories. Photographer, programmer, and loyal servant to a good Savior. 📷: X100S, XPro2, iPhone

Someone is six months old today… (📷: @sarahboydtravers)

A baby is equal parts a secret and a promise. I think that is part of why we love them so much.
When you love someone, it is a delight to whisper secrets and promises back and forth. If you love that someone enough… that wonderful bundle of secrets and promises tends to escape as a new life and start loving you back.
Our first little bundle is two months old today, and each morning she teaches me more about love.

After all that breakneck planning and knowing I’d only get one attempt to get it right, I laughed so hard when I saw this thumbnail on the back of my camera. A stunning end to a beautiful wedding.

2017 was a great year filled with memories and photos… but I haven’t posted or written much. I’m planning on changing that in 2018, starting with this…

She’s one month old today. She is louder, more alert, more smiley, and more lovable than ever. And she loves baths.

Three weeks since my life changed and a tiny part of my heart burst into the world. -
Photo by my talented and loving wife @sarahboydtravers

I can’t believe it’s been over two weeks already.

This year, we have one more thing to be thankful for. Meet Sophia. Sarah and I are amazed and in love with what the Lord has made. #sophiakatetravers

So many happy thoughts looking through this wedding… memories filled with fun, faith, family, and FLOWERS. Thanks for letting Sarah and I be a part of recording your romantic floral affair! #keenoneachother
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Every day for the past fifteen months of marriage I have watched in wonder as this woman becomes more like Christ, her heart shining brighter and brighter. Her gentle and quiet spirit is my strength and joy, when we got married I had no clue the incredible power that is concealed in her tender smile.

My forever adventure buddy. The one person who can rescue me from myself, turn any situation from sad and scary into doable, the most resourceful and capable person I have met, and the dearest heart. I love you.

Good night y'all.

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