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moments from rise festival @charlyjordan

side effects

a few months ago my friend @rorykramer asked me to come help him on a project for @thechainsmokers @americanair and @mastercard . Little did I know I would be editing a couple videos that were on American Airlines flights. Beyond grateful for Rory giving me this opportunity. These 3 artists are a huge reason I picked up a camera so it was a dream come true being on stage filming with them. 📍LA and Philly
filmed by myself @lucas_taggart and @rorykramer

sunlight on your skin✖️ @charlyjordan

endless palm trees, literally everywhere 🌴

just finished an incredible few weeks in hawaii, virgin islands and the dominican republic each with some of the best people & the best times I’ve had in awhile. these past few weeks have shown me the importance of the locals I’ve met along the way. it’s crazy to think back on all the small moments/inside jokes with them that have really left an impact on my experience of the trip. the sad part is that most of the time you never get to see those people again... going to try and change that, give my gratitude and stay connected. headed to bali today 🖤
thank you to @charlyjordan @voidinfluencers and @wanderlistfoundation for this past week in the DR, a trip I’ll never forget. thanks @mvmt @enohammocks @cotopaxi and @wandrd- check out @voidinfluencers for the giveaway 📸shot by @seaningram__ thanks for everything homie

shot by @rorykramer back in Vietnam a few months ago .
Been a little overwhelmed lately and kind of took a break from posting and traveling the past 2 months or so. Been working at home in Baltimore filming/editing videos for music artists and spending time with family and friends. After 6 months of travel it was a much needed reset. If you don’t know me, I’m just a quiet kid and not much of a risk taker but I love challenging myself. In January, I made a really tough decision to take a break from school to do this full-time. It’s super surreal all the people I’ve met the past year who have supported my work and really changed my life for the better. This whole lifestyle of travel and social media is so new to me and there’s a lot to figure out with maintaining a good balance. Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people has been the most incredible thing ever and honestly I feel like no photo or video does it justice, which is why I’m always hesitant to post pictures or produce films. I’ve had a few wake up calls this past month that really changed my perspective on life and how anything can happen. It’s a crazy life with ups and downs and I’m really learning how to appreciate it all more deeply while staying humble and maintaining purpose with my art. Headed back to Hawaii later this week and then some new places I’ve never been before 🖤

A few months ago we took a sunrise mission to find penguins on a beach in South Africa. So incredible getting to watch these little guys play around in the water and wobble around 🐧🐧

Meeting of the Minds 2018
Did something a little different with this vid and put together some footage from my most recent trip to Hawaii with Blake and the mvmt crew. Being in an environment with not only the best creatives but the most genuine people in the world was life changing.
let me know what you think 🖤

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another year older and just happy to be alive

Birthdays are the best time to reflect on how much you and the world around you has changed a short amount of time. I took a lot of risks this year and I can honestly say 20 was the best year of my life, mainly because of the people I’ve met and relationships that have grown. Connecting with people around the world this year has taught me how unique each relationship is and it’s important to be kind and loving no matter what. Happy with who I’m becoming and for staying true to myself. Some things I’ve learned and practiced this year are to pray, take care of your health, journal, stick to your morals, love everyone, let things go, be humble, take chances, and just be a good person. Do things because you genuinely want to. Putting meaning, purpose, and love into everything and sticking to morals is what I strive to do every day and I’m thankful for what it’s taught me. Truly grateful for all of you 🖤

Been an amazing week so far with @blakeyyyp and the @mvmt crew but this was definitely my favorite moment so far. Can’t really describe how beautiful yesterday morning was, truly an incredible experience.
We woke up for sunrise and drove to a beach with mountains surrounding it, swam out from shore and spent over an hour swimming around with these guys. There were way over 100 of them and it just felt so unreal. Thank you to the legend @nolanomura for taking us out and snapping this sick pic, been looking up to him and his work for a long time, so talented

Had the best trip ever to Vietnam, thank you @rorykramer for bringing me out and all the sick opportunities. There’s no one like you and I learned so much about life and myself throughout the trip. Grateful for the amazing experience and getting to travel to a new side of the world with a huge role model and friend of mine. The culture and people of Vietnam were unforgettable and I hope to visit again soon. Working on a YouTube vid with Rory from our time with Malibu Rum, @martingarrix, sleeping on a boat in middle of this bay, the millions of scooters, and everything else 🖤

gooooood morning Vietnam

Capetown, South Africa
Beyond amazing experience with this group of people thanks to @timothysykes. Here’s a little recap edit I made to remember some of the fun times❤️ Had the opportunity to visit a cheetah sanctuary, help out the drought going on in the city, swim with sharks, play with penguins, and just adventure South Africa 🇿🇦 comment what you think🖤

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Shot by myself @sam_kolder @jbxcreative @emmett_sparling @rorykramer
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