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@spindlemagazine party went off!! 🔥📸 #photosofphotos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #nameamoreiconicduo

🎥💥 Video Recap of last weeks event with @simplecreationsteambuildingllc 🤙🏻💯 @skate.now hosted a brief skate lesson workshop for underprivileged children.. hopefully they will take their skills from the carpet to the streets when the weather permits 😄☀️💪

Putting the Ev in Leverage 📐 New moves 🔜👀👌🏻💥

🙌 Thank you @simplecreationsteambuildingllc for putting on such an amazing event! 🎉💥 Tonight I had the opportunity to give some skateboard tips to underprivileged children at the #Navartis #bigbrotherandsister event🤘🤗🤝 @skate.now #skatenow #cleargriptape

Jalapeño marg on the rocks to complete a near perfect Taco Tuesday 😍🌮🌯🍹

"Hey" is for horses.. Don't text and drive 📵🏇😂 #tbt

"Join the Dark side.." ▪️◼️⬛️🐿 #blacksquirrel 😈🥜

🏁 Slidin' on em from a young age.. 🐢🦎🐍🐸 #turtlepower

💰Prices going 🆙 📈💸🇦🇷

Good vibes..🌴😎🌴 Friday vibes.. 🇺🇾

👟The Gilbert Crockett Pro II @vansskate wear test 👟 featuring @christian1hernandez @mightyy_b @ceeblues and myself 😈 Major shout out to @undergroundskateshop for making it happen! 💪

🎨👈I got yelled at 3 times by the fun police and almost kicked out for touching the exhibits.. 🚷👮🏻#artisrad #smh