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Late night at the office.

In the spirit of #Halloween, I have revealed the new cover to the next installment of #TheSquickerwonkers #audiobook series today. The Demise of Lorna the Lazy audiobook is now available for pre-order on @audible_com ! .
Written and voiced by yours truly, #TheDemiseOfLornaTheLazy might be my darkest SquickerTale yet! .
Pre-order yours today and it will automatically download on Nov 15th. Happy listening! .
(Also avail on audible: The Squickerwonkers: #ThePrequel and #TheDemiseofSelmaTheSpoiled)

You all know I LOVE this young woman. Of course her art is incredible, but her spirit is even more beautiful. And now she has gifted Rodrigo and I with exclusive #TheSquickerwonkers #fanart! 😱😱. I can not count the ways!! 😍😍😍
SWIPE to see @butternut_gouache ‘s interpretation of myself and @rodrigo_bastos_didier as Squickerwonker puppets with our beloved #SelmaTheSpoiled. Thank you, Erin!!! We are so grateful! .
And check out SyFy.com in about half-an-hour for a big, exciting SquickerAnnouncement!!

If I have spirit animals, I think @jedidiahjenkins is one of them. I stumbled across Jed through an instagram rabbit hole and was so impressed with his writing, his spirit, his honesty...the way he could carve truth out of life like a carpenter finding the bench in an enormous redwood trunk. So, I reached out to him. We enthusiastically met in a slightly slummy little breakfast joint that Victoria Alonso introduced me to. Jed and I both loved the locale almost as much as the refreshing new company. We became fast friends; were kindred spirits and knew it before we even met. .
Jed has written a book. It took him a journey, on a bycicle, from Oregon to Patagonia, plus another four years of writing to get this book to us. And now he has. It’s in bookstores and on best seller lists. People love it. Of course they do! It’s Jed. There on the page. Raw and sensitively, responsibly, wisely filtered. Jed has a way of separating the grain from the chaff when it comes to his writing. There’s not a moment of your precious life, your precious time wasted on his pages. Each word counts. Because Jed doesn’t want to waste a moment of his life, either. He wants to live fully, bravely and beautifully. .
I hope you love his book as much as I did. If you go out and get it, I’ll be doing a good old-fashioned #ELDiscussion about it on Facebook... like old times (you guys who have been following me since the beginning know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t, check out the #). I’ll announce the official date and time next week. For now, grab the book -#ToShakeTheSleepingSelf - and get reading. I have such thoughtful fans so look forward to hearing your reactions and our discussion. #bookclub

#waspworkout 🏃🏻‍♀️ #feelingmyself .
I am convinced that walking around this world in a woman’s body is a completely different experience than walking around in the body of a man. I feel my womanhood in deep and profound parts of me...and I cherish it. Being in the presence of the complementary, male energy gives me an even deeper sense of myself, of my femininity. .
I love being a woman. I embrace my innate sensuality. I delight in my moon cycles and how they move me and shape me. And, when I do it, I can feel how taking time to relish in my own womanhood is a much needed and revolutionary act. .
Somewhere along history’s lines, women were told not to swirl their hips around. It was too enticing. It was witchcraft. It was dirty. .
I am no Jezebel. One of the most important and #healthy motions a woman can make to keep her body, her #digestion, her reproductive magic happy and taken care of, is this exact, fluid, elegant, graceful, swirling motion. I recommend making it...a lot. All the time. Whenever we can.
Make love to your partner whenever you possibly can, and get on top - move those hips, wake-up those joints. Enjoy her/him and serve your body. Get alone with your sensual, female self whenever you can. Enjoy her and serve your soul. These are my two nuggets of #healthandfitness advice for today. What I am doing in this video is the bulk of my “workout” for today. Just moving. Just feeling. Swirling. Freeing. .
#feelyourself #noshame #freethehips
Song #HomeAgain by #Drala

Repost from @darrenaronofsky - as the 2018 midterms approach, more first-time voters than ever will have the opportunity to cast their votes and make change. i directed this video for @sierraclub featuring some incredible activists and hope they inspire everyone to get to the polls on nov. 6.
@xiuhtezcatl @gavingrimmVA @sandracorn_ @davidmileshogg @delaneytarr @ed.naaaa @hinkle4sc @miamisearise @lizzy.ly @ohitikalocke @lulucerone @glowandgetit @justicejamaljones @brinkleysmithers @chellaman

This is NOT the most comfortable way to watch #AntmanAndTheWasp. SWIPE for how it ought to be done. Avail on #BluRay TODAY. #bts #screentest
#Ant art by @jwsze

I admire this #queen.
Repost from @danaigurira - “You’re able to read this, but half a billion women and girls can’t. Roughly 130 million girls were prevented from going to school today, 1,000 will be infected by HIV today, and 144 girls will die as a result of violence. Just today. And every day after that. We must change this reality. That’s why @ONE‘s #PovertyIsSexist campaign is so dear to my heart. Check out my guest column for @Refinery29:
http://bit.ly/danaidotg #DayoftheGirl #LoveOurGirls”

#AntmanAndTheWasp avail on digital! #getit!

When we had TOO MUCH TIME in the florescent lights of the hair and make-up trailer and it started to deteriorate our miiiiindddddsssssss. See all the actually GOOD #bts materials on @marvelstudios digital release (avail now) and #bluray dvd (coming Oct 16th!) .
#antmanandthewasp #waspsqaud!!!! @hilseycook @linds_hatch

My messy work desk. #twoworldscollide #thesquickerwonkers #wasp (SWIPE RIGHT) #togocoffeelid #pieceofawiltedflower #squickersketches #raybans #etc .
(Crossing my fingers this post works!)

Sometimes on a #FridayNight a gal gets #glam. 💅🏻. (Hair help by the best friend a gal can have @hilseycook

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