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Eva Green  "I don't want to be a Hollywood star. I just want to do my job and enjoy it. My aim is to find my true identity and to remain true to myself."

"I started yoga recently and it is very interesting because it lets me focus on the moment. I can be quite melancholic and think and dream in the past. I'm not good at projecting myself into the future, I don't know if it's because I'm scared. I'm always like, 'I might be dead tomorrow'. I do believe you stay around when you die and your soul floats around. You have to get to the light though, you can get stuck in the dark." // Eva Green #evagreen #actress #quotes

"I'm married to my mother! She's a great support. I still need my mum - I should grow up! She doesn't come on set, but she's there when I go home, so I can cry, I can complain and we'll talk about the role. I'm very lucky." // Eva Green #evagreen #quotes #actress

"I hate it when people say, 'It's great to look natural'. I think, 'I'm an actress - I don't want to look natural!'" // Eva Green #evagreen #quotes #actress

"I just finished shooting Dumbo directed by Tim Burton, where I played the role of a trapezist. At the beginning it was very tough, as I have always suffered from dizziness fearing the height. After having won my fears I found myself with a new passion. In my next movie, directed by Alice Winocour, I will be playing an astronaut. This role requires a lot of physical training in addiction to learning Russian... It will be tough but I love challenges!" // Eva Green #evagreen #actress #quotes

"There is something very calm for me about London, and very vast. I feel like a grown up here. People are very open, they are less narrow minded than even in Paris. You can be different and nobody is going to stare at you" // Eva Green #evagreen #actress#quotes

"I do usually send stuff back because I don't have the patience to go shopping, I am terrible. I go into a shop for 10 minutes and I can't see things. Although I can do half an hour in Topshop at 9 am. Topshop [Oxford Circus] is one of the best shops in the world" // Eva Green #actress #quotes #evagreen

"Well I walk a lot in London, through parks and listen to music on Spotify. I love Spotify, you discover new music all the time. Even my great-grandfather was on it. His name was Paul Le Flem, a french composer. I also love the nature sounds playlists, it is very funny to be like, 'i am sick of this', and then just have a gorilla in the background." // Eva Green #evagreen #actress #quotes

"I love short cinema, black and white photography and Pinterest. Every day, and this is very geeky. I take quotes, poems and old pictures and try to make up a story. I love doing that in the evenings. I bombard my friends with them." // Eva Green #evagreen #actress #pinterest #quotes

"Oh, I hate watches in real life. I can't wear a watch because I would look at it every second. It's kind of an addiction. I think maybe it reminds me of school or something. I need to be on time. I'm kind of a freak about it. I'm like my father, who's Swedish so it's all about being on time. But I don't have an agenda and I don't like rules too much." // Eva Green #actress #evagreen

"I have a dog but my sister looks after him. He's a Border Terrier. His name is Mr. Griffin. Well, she's more her dog now, which is the truth. It's kind of very sad. It's hard to travel with a dog. On the Eurostar you can't have your dog with you which I hope one day they will make it happen." // Eva Green #evagreen #actress #dog

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