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Eva Chen  Fashion at Instagram Author of @junovalentine Wifey to @tbannister Mom to Ren and Tao and #evachenpose

Holding my lunch and also holding up traffic on the stairwell 🤦🏻‍♀️ #igselfiemirror #ootd in my snowy lumberjack look

So my original 2019 resolution was to wear mom jeans less than 3 days a week (I had a 16 day streak of mom jeans and sneakers last year). I’m editing my resolution to allow mom jeans IF they are worn with heels. Do you guys approve?

Mom jeans and a dad sweater BUT HEELS! 2019: ✅✅✅?

“Why are you dressed like you’re from the 1840s?” -my husband @tbannister. Is it the sleeves? Also I didn’t wear the right slip yesterday so I had static cling all day but, still, I wore a dress AND heels yesterday. 2019: ✅✅✅

I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and they get the emoji of honor in today’s #evachenpose

Boots AND skirt yesterday, on a roll in 2019!! But let’s see where we are in two weeks from now 😹 (my resolution is to not wear mom jeans and sneakers every day)

Honestly this is the most pulled together #ootd I’ve probably worn since starting at Instagram three years ago. 2019: ✅✅✅

Basically if I have clean hair I don’t have makeup on, and vice versa 🤷🏻‍♀️

2019 resolution: dress like an adult (but carry a Gryffindor mug) ✅✅✅

✌🏼🖐🏼 and just a sweet placid Tao 😇

2019 resolution: wear more than mom jeans to the office ✅✅✅

2019: the year of healthy #evachenpose? ✅

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