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Eva Chen  Fashion at Instagram Author of @junovalentine Wifey to @sxmco Mom to Ren and Tao and #evachenpose

Paõ de queijo (CHEESE BREAD) with @camilacoutinho!! Cheese bread is made out of tapioca flour so it’s a mix between mochi and bread and oh my god I ate so many I feel nauseous

Visiting Brazil for the first time ever: send me any and all São Paulo recommendations for a tired mom of two who is pescetarian/likes fruit and breakfast buffets and shopping. No need to send recommendations for clubs or anything nightlife related 😬

I’ve been sick for a full month now (went to the doctor, it’s not pneumonia or anything scary, just a virus that settled into my lungs and is taking its sweet time coming out. I have asthma so anytime something gets into my lungs it’s misery). Two inhalers, three over the counter remedies, and sizzrup (codeine cough syrup) later, I can finally hear out of my ears and breathe through my nose again 😭😭😭💯🌈🙌🏼. This @jaylimsnap photo has no relation to my illness but I am that level of happy to be somewhat better finally

✌🏼 and uh 🖖🏼 (not sure what Ren is doing here!)... have a good day, everyone ❤️

I’ve known @shaymitchell since my @teenvogue days almost a decade ago and now she has a travel brand launching tomorrow (@beis!) and I have a book coming out in three weeks and can we make #StartedAtTeenVogueNowWeHere a hashtag 😂

Yesterday was a double bag kind of day: my @loewe purse had all my medicine, my tote bag had like ten copies of @junovalentine!

I ❤️ @garypeppergirl (so much so that I put her on the cover of @luckymagazine back in the day). One of the first times we met IRL I was super pregnant with Ren and we took a picture posed like this... and then two years ago when we saw each other in like Paris I was pregnant with Tao and we took a picture like this. Yesterday she came to visit and it was basically instinct for her to put her hand on my tummy like this and I’m not pregnant anymore but I do have a Mom tummy, that is all (I hope you guys were expecting a pregnancy reveal lol)

I took Tao for a big boy haircut today and fully broke down into tears when it was done because he really does look like a real boy now and darn it I’m not crying you’re crying 😭 (I also dressed him in a big boy look by @janieandjack. Maybe I need to put him back in his swaddle)

First time out of the apartment in 48 hours besides going to the doctor and Ren is extremely excited to be going on the subway 😁

There are little shoutouts to some of my favorite fashion people in my book @junovalentine! I got to show @gigihadid hers today... let’s see if you guys can find it when the book comes out 😁

What better time than jet lagged at 430 AM (my fault for going to bed at 745 😪) to revisit #PFW outfits? This was probably my favorite look (and the Valentino) from the week because it was so easy. 📸: @mrstreetpeeper

Back in the big apple ❤️🍎❤️🍎 (if you’re wondering what’s sticking out of my bag, it’s bubble wrap! Our mailroom guys always need it so I bring it to work from home to try to be closer to #zerowaste which is as lofty of a goal for me as #inboxzero)

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