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Eva Chen  Fashion at Instagram Author of @junovalentine Wifey to @sxmco Mom to Ren and Tao and #evachenpose

When half the cast of @crazyrichasians comes to Instagram NY and you teach them to do baby hearts and they’re like what the heck but they play along (swipe to see how well they mastered it!!)

Four bonafide @crazyrichasians (@henrygolding! @kenjeong! @awkwafina! and 👑 @michelleyeoh_official!!) and one temporarily broke Asian (we just paid ren’s school bill 😖🤯)

Too tired to think of a witty caption for this #evachenpose... Ren has been waking up every night pretty much at 330 on the dot. I miss uninterrupted sleep (and the subsequent ability to think of witty captions) so much.

With apologies to my unsuspecting coworkers who just wanted to get lunch in peace without an #igselfiemirror cameo 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tao’s face is fully “I wish to be excluded from this narrative” (the narrative being ren’s new “monster face” pose that she taught me) was

I designed these HOUSE RULES for our home with @thingslizwants (zoom in to read them lol) and had it BLOWN UP into a giant poster with @artifactuprising and it’s being hung in the children’s “quiet time” corner 😬 Ren already is rebelling against the rules 😂😑😪

Baby giraffe pose, explained: one foot forward, back foot slightly on tippy toes (like you’re coming off a step! This is how I discovered it, thanks to the steps in front of the #igselfiemirror). Hold the phone at a straight on angle. Ignore wonky hair from being slept on. Done! #babygiraffepose 🦒

I feel like I should start a Facebook group for all the people who I have accidentally snapped in my #igselfiemirror ##ootd

There was a whole slew of vintage cars on 2nd Avenue this morning and I had to take an #ootd in front of Phoebe Buffay’s Relaxitaxi 😝

I met a dog named BANE this morning who was named after Bane in Batman and he was just about the cutest floppiest dog ever 😍

it’s my TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY with @sxmco and for our anniversary my gift to him was that he got to take this #OOTD of me Ahahahaha

Okay, yesterday I decided that my signature #igselfiemirror pose is called #babygiraffepose (one leg back, one leg forward, bum stuck out). VS supermodel @marthahunt said hers is called the Cowgirl (hands in pockets, one hip out). She also said that @hoskelsa does a similar move to the Baby Giraffe, but with a bit of a back arch 😂😂. Does that make me a honorary VS angel?!

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