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Eva Chen  Fashion at Instagram/erstwhile writer/wifey to @sxmco, Mom to Ren and Tao and #evachenpose

Ren calls seltzer “bubble water” and she kept calling the hot tub @modernnetzero the “bubble water pool”. I think she thought it was a pool of seltzer 😂

Earth weekend in East Hampton: learned all about carbon neutral living from @modernnetzero and got my chakras rebalanced by @annaclejan!! She also created a hematite protection shield around my aura to prevent draining energy... my question: does hematite protect against two kids who like to wake up at 545 AM? 🧐

This is definitely the most luxurious bath he’ll ever be in and he knows it

He’s not heavy, he’s my brother!! Weekend at the carbon neutral @modernnetzero house (just in time for earth weekend 🌿) off to a good start!

Tired-Mom-Barely-Holding-It-Together club with @whitneyeveport: any other members out there? Now accepting applications 😬

The first time I met @ireneisgood I was 9+ months pregnant with Ren and I went into labor the next day!! I feel like she is a good luck charm for me 😊

I was excited to carry a new bag today... until Ren stuffed her lunchbox, paper towel rolls (for earth week projects), and snacks into said pristine new bag 😑

When all you want to do is squish your squishy baby and all he wants to do is squirm away and play 🤷🏻‍♀️

Most mom move ever: grabbing @somethingnavy’s bag and stuffing snacks into it 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Ren in the process of losing a shoe mid #evachenpose 😂😪😑

Today I met @antoni from @queereye and in the space of an hour he spoke french (swoon), approved my Nutella addiction (only if I put it on banana slices instead of crackers), and compared selfies (like this one) to duck fat french fries (as in little bit once in a while is good for you/goes a long way)

Today my Lyft driver Tracee was a follower and she was like “Go ahead and put your feet up! Take your photo!” 😁😁 thank you, Tracee!

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