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Eva Chen  Fashion at Instagram Author of @junovalentine Wifey to @sxmco Mom to Ren and Tao and #evachenpose

Today’s #ootd inspired by Dionne from Clueless (google the poster if you don’t get the staircase pose... also if you don’t get the reference 😩😩😩)

One minute before this photo taken, a random guy sprinted up to me shouting about drugs and I thought I was about to get my purse nabbed hence my death grip on my purse in this photo (if you zoom in there are veins popping out of my hand I’m holding it so tightly lol). Anyway, here is my #ootd at the riverbank in scenic and lovely #berlin

First time in #Berlin and my first stop was for brunch at House of Small Wonder, thanks to all my awesome followers for sharing the recommendation! I had two matcha lattes and am HYPER!!

I thought I was wearing all black accessories today until just now... my bag is in fact navy 🤷🏻‍♀️😂. (Ren is putting me to shame with all the colors she’s wear today!! Also, yes her leggings have beakers and genomes on them!)

✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼 with @liuwenlw, the first model to pose in our new photo wall at Instagram’s new office in NYC!!

Dad sneakers and mom jeans 🤷🏻‍♀️

First night out with Tom after 8 PM in ages!! Weekend parenting life is no joke: up at 6 AM and full throttle until the kids pass out (or you do). Parents of two kids (two years apart): tell me when it gets easier?!?! 😪🙏🏼

Ren dressed herself today, down to the umbrella (even though it had stopped raining). The lollipop of course was the most important accessory, even more so than Otto 😂

My dad sent me this picture of me around Ren’s age and I am starting to see our resemblance!! Do you see it? I always thought she looked exactly like Tom!!

We literally biked to the other side of Facebook’s campus this morning to find congee AS ONE DOES!

The sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco! So fun, even though I am still shaking sprinkles out of my hair 24 hours later

No fruit but yes new but old (it’s vintage) bag that took almost a year to hunt down!!

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