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Eva Schön  Artoholic & advanced lover of travelling, flowers, fashion, photography, jazz, street art, tea & design. Mummy to Arthur. Slovakia raised/ UK based.

Good times and tan lines.

Ain’t no high heels high enough.

With kids, as much as we try to plan and aspire, things always take their natural course. We went to the ZOO the other day and the animal Arthur enjoyed the most was a pigeon. A random pigeon eating a french fry on the pavement. Also, this is the only picture we got from the day. Not a charming picture of perfectly captured animals with us gazing at them with astonishment. No no.. all the animals were too far away or hidden. Instead, we got this cheesy keepsake photo that ZOO staff forced us to buy at the gift shop. C'est la vie.

Happy, wild & ONE 🖤
I will restrain myself from the sentimental outbreak of motherly love here.. thanking Arthur for choosing us as parents or pointing out how much he is loved. Because really.. who wants to read such an emotional mumbo jumbo!
Instead, swipe left to see Arthur just one month old. I guess you can tell I’m a huge fan of BEFORE/ AFTER shots of pretty much everything (including people makeovers, house makeovers, growing bellies or growing babies) 💁🏼‍♀️😌.

I baked 5 donuts yesterday and only ate 5 of them 🍩🌸👏🏼.

Once upon a time we used to have a living room.

I desperately need to go camping this summer again. Preferably in a transparent bubble hotel. With a pool. And a spa. And 4G, ofc 💁🏼‍♀️

This place had me at hello.

All you need is love. And the lake house.

My hubby be like.. when you don’t look at anyone else but yourself in a group photo and say "yeah, that’s a good one.” 🤦🏼‍♀️😭

The pool bar is calling. I must go.

Let nature be your teacher 🌾👨‍👦

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