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Eva Schön  Artoholic & advanced lover of travelling, flowers, fashion, photography, jazz, street art, tea & design. Mummy to Arthur. Slovakia raised/ UK based.

Since on mat leave, I have been applying ONE-ART-A-DAY rule. This means that everyday I do something creative, arty or a small DIY. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-arranging the living room or writing a little poem to my hubby. And sometimes it includes Arthur. We play musical instruments or go for a hot air baloon ride (ok, the latter is mainly for mama’s amusement). It seems like he prefers these ‘creative’ activities over the toys, so I will have to master my mumpreneur skills and keep creating, crafting and playing. After all, the universe demands balance to those poopy nappies, flying wees and carrot stains 🙌🏽😂.

That feeling when you find hot leather pants from 15 years ago, put them on and..
they still fit.

Breakin’ hearts & blastin’ farts 💨

Powder pink leather jacket, red lips & fresh blooms are always a good idea.

Happy 7 months to me! I like crawling, Tota Heľpa song, taking off my socks, eating socks, flying like Superman, laughing for hours at weird words like ‘špongia’ and nappy-off time. The last one often brings the flying wee. I just so freakin' love doing it. I have had verbal and written warnings from my parents but hey, obedient I ain’t! Also, I love throwing things as far as I can. These include toys, mama’s phone, daddy’s records and nan’s patience. As you can notice, I have the teether clipped on. This saves my parents from climbing under sofas, behind car seats and apologising to members of public who just had a teether launched into their soup at the restaurant. My parents keep me safe. I keep them on fire.

I really wanted pizza yesterday. Today I’m eating pizza. Everything is possible. Follow your dreams.

I think we've reached that age when we respond to your 11:00pm texts at 7:30am next morning 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️🤘🏽

Let’s wander where the wifi is weak.

No time to wash your hair? Hide it under the turban. No time for the eye makeup? Wear sunnies. The only teeny-weeny problem is that your own child might not recognise you 😏🤗

Just found these beauties while going through the boxes of my old clothes and shoes. Having moved countries 5 times over the past 10 years makes you store some of your all-time-favourite pieces in the boxes, leave them in the most random places like your dad’s garage or nana’s attic and forget about them. And having owned a vintage store makes you collect some unique (and sometimes unwearable) pieces which end in your wardrobe before making it to the shop floor.
I find my dress sense tends to be minimal, monochromatic, asymmetric and mostly oversized. Or anything without spinach fingertips stains from my 6 months old. So here I am looking at these vintage beauties which I stole from my own shop, never worn and probably never will. But damn.. they have some old world charm! And they have stories. And even if I don't know the stories, I make them up. That’s what I love about vintage the most.. that history which holds an unknown story..
OK, time to end this sentiment, put the shoes back into the box and seal it right so I can pass them down to my imaginery daughter.

Parenting.. if you feel crazy, then you’re doing it right 🙃💪🏽.

Mornings like these. Or whatever sprinkles your donuts.

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