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1. Along with your bag, I also took one of your journals, a collection of hermetic poems? Did you write these yourself? I'm sorry. I know you can't answer that. But these words truly inspired my pilgrimage. Anyway, I am sure you will find another cicerone. 2. I know you are suspicious of our people now, but please trust the barkeep there. She'll help you get back on your feet. P.S. Those wounds will heal sooner than you think. Believe me, I made sure of it.

To show his gratitude he allowed us to capture this image of him. We'd come all this way after all. But his desire to integrate, to be among us, just did not exist. Perhaps the legend, in this case, is indeed larger than the man.

1. Out went the signal from which the airplane sank. Into the bottle from which I drank. Till none was left but man and shank. Flag pole and spear. No radio return from the rusted thing. Till now that is. When I am inseparable from my lonesomeness. When I've accepted my oneness with this very dirt. My wife, the jaguar, and I are made to wait for the dreaded rescue. Loud ships. Those of which muddle the views of our sacred horizon.
2. Turns out nothing was there. Seeing things again. It must be autumn in Arnhem.

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