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Eduard Alexandrescu  13 Years Old

Super quick 4-4 border on my @iamoase Mod🔥🔥🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

Maybe this is the only time you’ll see me filming tricks with this dama.
I got this quick tre swap tre back in like 5-6 minutes🔥
@sweetskendamas #kendama #dkipa #sweets #depozitulkendama

Super hyped to take the 4th place in the pro divison next to @tiblex_18 , @nickgallagher42 and @bonzatron (and 4th place at gloken style cup next to them and @cosminpopa__
These prizes are so amazing
And Thanks @mihaelatusa and @depozitulkendama for the Zack Pro Model❤️

Two tricks i got with @xremus_ at Eko (Day 1) 😂🔥#kendama

Sketchy and Out of frame but i had to post it (tried to refilm it and do it cleaner but it was impossible after 10 minutes)
It looks handed but it is just sketchy
Someday i’ll land it cleaner 🤷🏻‍♂️
#kendama #euro#europeankendamaopen @slaylunars @dave_cher

I decided to post this EKO rounds just because i don’t have tricks ideas
First round is 50 points and second one is 46 (when i do them in 3 minutes are easy but in 1 minute the second one is hard (this is why it took like 13-15 minutes)
Kendama- Nick pro mod👌🏻
#kendama #europeankendamaopen #sweets

My second @nickgallagher42 pro mod🔥
My Favorite kendama by far
@depozitulkendama @andreigoia15 #kendama #sweetskendamasromania

I’ve never seen people doing this trick to stilt so i gave it a try!!!!
Missed the spike one time!
Oh , Maybe this isn’t the cleanest throw but you can see the slowmotion video where the throw is visible👍🏻
@bonzatron #kendama @dave_cher

Got a trick today!
I didn’t post here because i filmed my tricks for the edit🤷🏻‍♂️
The second clip is the slow mo

Finally got some time to film
Got 2 quick tricks worth posting👍🏻
1. Double spacewalk early catch swap downspike fasthand kengrip
2. Weird tap stuntplane fasthand trick
On my Nick Pro mod!!!

The @nickgallagher42 Pro Mod!💙
Super Nice dama 🔥
#kendama #NickMod

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