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ESA  The European Space Agency - #ESA 🚀👨‍🚀 Bringing the wonders of the universe and our planet to the palm of your hands 🔭🛰 🌍 @esa_earth 🌌 @youresa More👇

Hubble Time! 🌌⠀⠀
Galaxies abound in this spectacular Hubble image; spiral arms swirl in all colours and orientations, and fuzzy ellipticals can be seen speckled across the frame as softly glowing smudges on the sky. Each visible speck of a galaxy is home to countless stars. A few stars closer to home shine brightly in the foreground, while a massive galaxy cluster nestles at the very centre of the image; an immense collection of maybe thousands of galaxies, all held together by the relentless force of gravity.⠀
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📸 @europeanspaceagency/Hubble & @NASA, RELICS, @creativecommons CC BY 4.0

It's almost launch time for #Aeolus! 🚀🛰⠀

Aeolus will use revolutionary laser technology to measure winds around the globe. These near-realtime observations will improve the accuracy of numerical weather and climate prediction and advance our understanding of tropical dynamics and processes relevant to climate variability.⠀

Follow the link in our bio to join us on Tuesday 21 August from 21:00 GMT (23:00 CEST) for live coverage.⠀

📸 @europeanspaceagency - M. Pedoussaut

Aeolus, we got you covered! 🛰⠀

Measuring 4.5 metres across, this relatively small antenna in Australia, dubbed NNO-2, will be the first to hear from the soon-to-be-launched Aeolus satellite, the first ever to measure winds on Earth from Space.⠀

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📸 @europeanspaceagency

What’s your favourite planet?

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Isn't Saturn a beauty? 😍⠀

This image was taken by @veleba_astrophoto in 🇨🇿⠀⠀⠀

Děkuji for sharing your image with us, Jan!⠀⠀
🌠 Have you captured other planets? We want to see them!
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It's time for the #ESAquiz! 🌌⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Do you know what was detected here using our XMM-Newton space observatory?⠀
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📸 @europeanspaceagenc / XMM-Newton; A. De Carlo (INAF)

We can’t get enough of our eARTh! 😍

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Sit back and relax with this amazing satellite view of the southern-central edge of the Tibetan Plateau!

With an average elevation exceeding 4500 m and an area of 2.5 million sq km, it is the highest and largest plateau in the world today.

The plateau is also the world’s third largest store of ice, after the Arctic and Antarctic. In recent years, rising temperatures have caused rapid melting. •
📸 Contains modified @copernicus_eu Sentinel data [2016]/ processed by @europeanspaceagency, @creativecommons CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Let's travel through time and space time⏳⠀

Situated 8000 light-years away in the constellation Vulpecula – latin for little fox – the region in the image is known as Vulpecula OB1. It is a ‘stellar association’ in which a batch of truly giant ‘OB’ stars is being born.⠀

The vast quantities of ultraviolet and other radiation emitted by these stars is compressing the surrounding cloud, causing nearby regions of dust and gas to begin the collapse into more new stars. In time, this process will ‘eat’ its way through the cloud, transforming some of the raw material into shining new stars.⠀

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📸 @europeanspaceagency / Herschel / PACS, SPIRE /Hi-GAL Project⠀

We bet your office doesn’t have a view as good as this one!

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The ultimate work place. My crew mates @OlegMKS and Sergey successfully installed the #Icarus experiment antenna on the outside hull of the @iss. 👨‍🚀👨‍🚀 •
📸 @europeanspaceagency / @nasa -A.Gerst

Tune in at 09:30 GMT (11:30 CEST)‼️🤖 •
This Friday 17 August, @astro_alex_esa will be directing this humanoid robot Rollin’ Justin – based in the DLR German Aerospace Center establishment in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany – from aboard the @iss, flying at 28 800 km/h and 400 km above Earth.

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📸 @germanaerospacecenter

Farther, together! 🌎🌍🌏⠀

This image of three miniature satellites or CubeSats freshly launched into space is a striking reminder of human cooperation at the heart of space exploration. ⠀

Bhutan’s first ever satellite along with others from Malaysia and the Philippines were released into their respective orbits from the @iss on 10 August.⠀

📸 @europeanspaceagency / @NASA - @astro_alex_esa

Doesn't it look beautiful? 😍⠀

Our Aeolus satellite is in the launch tower ahead of its 21 August liftoff from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.⠀

Aeolus carries one of the most sophisticated instruments ever to be put into orbit. The first of its kind, the Aladin instrument includes revolutionary laser technology to generate pulses of ultraviolet light that are beamed down into the atmosphere to profile the world’s winds – a completely new approach to measuring the wind from space.⠀

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📸 @europeanspaceagency / @cnes_france / @arianespace / Optique Video du CSG - G. Barbaste

Two partial solar eclipses in one go! 🌚🌞⠀

On Saturday 11 August 2018 our Proba-2 satellite orbited Earth about 14.5 times and with its constant change in viewing angle, it dipped in and out of the Moon’s shadow twice during the eclipse. ⠀

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📹 @europeanspaceagency /Royal Observatory of Belgium

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