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European Greens  We’re striving for a Green transformation of Europe and its economy, that will bring about a progressive and sustainable future for all its citizens

Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity. On #EarthDay let's pledge to preserve and cherish the only home we've ever known 🌏

Congrats to the Hungarian Greens @lehetmas who gained additional votes, a higher percentage of the overall vote, and more seats in parliament following #HungaryElection2018 💚 Well done Bernadett Szél and all the Greens for your acheivement 💪

We’re turning off the light on our logo for 1 hour to show our commitment towards a sustainable future 🌍 #EarthHour

‪Popieramy demonstracje #CzarnyPiątek odbywające się dzisiaj w Polsce. Ludzie w całym kraju będą maszerować w proteście przeciwko próbom ograniczenia prawa do aborcji 🖤 ‬Protest jest organizowany przez @strajk_kobiet i popierany przez @partia_zieloni ✊‬‪ #NieDlaZaostrzeniaUstawy 🖐‬

We stand with the #BlackFriday demonstrations in Poland today as people across the country march in protest against attempts to limit the right to abortion 🖤 The protest is being organised by @strajk_kobiet and supported by the Polish Greens - @partia_zieloni#StopTheBan 🖐

Congratulations to the Dutch Greens - @groenlinks - on their historic result in the Netherlands' municipal elections 💪 #GR2018

Today we march for parity.
Today we march for equity.
Today we march for women. 💜 #GreensGoPurple 💪

On the eve of #WomensDay Bulgaria's government has blocked the ratification of the #IstanbulConvention 😯 Violence against women & girls must end! Together with the Bulgarian Greens we urge Prime Minister #BoykoBorisov to reconsider! #GreensGoPurple 💜

We stand in solidarity with Ireland & Poland in their struggle for women's #ReproductiveRights 🤝 #RepealThe8th #CzarnyProtest 💜 #GreensGoPurple

Our 7-day countdown to #InternationalWomensDay hopes to underline some of the areas where Greens are hoping to have an impact. Update your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile pics for #GreensGoPurple 💜

Oppression against women is not only gender-based, but interlaced and influenced by other factors. We caught up with tribal attorney and activist @zhaabowekwe to ask her why #intersectionality is important to #feminism 💜 #GreensGoPurple

No freedom until we are equal 💜 #GreensGoPurple

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