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aimee  don't overpower people. you're like the rest of us. you're an equal.

cute person talked to me on fb and they're cute
their hair is cute

I'm forced to extend my stay in the Philippines but I'm actually really grateful for it bc I love the Philippines and my awesome friends and I'm gonna miss everything again for another year

this was next to a bathroom lmao
and I think on Saturday I'm challenged to eat this really gross thing and idk if I'm ready I think I'll die
but I wanna do it gOTTA FACE MY FEARS

my hair is so straight that I don't comb/brush it.
i want wavy hair

im gonna name my plants right now
they're all gonna be from greek mythology :))

ugh it's freaking El Niño in the Philippines right now and it's so hot and the power keeps going out and it's annoying I need my wifi

my gramps is cute, when he was showering he didn't want to get the shower curtain wet so our bathroom is full of water everywhere

why do i feel skinnier today when i ate so so so much yesterday.
it was all unhealthy what

ew I'm kinda feeling dysphoric, tomorrow I'm gonna really diet

i ate 6 bags of cotton candy
it's time that i finally should do a diet.

throwback omg
ily julie
i went through old photos and found this gem :))

ok i felt kind eh yesterday, because i wanted to give my one dollar to this beggar but my gramps snatched it before i could put it in the little container :/ he said i shouldn't give a lot because they'll get used to it.
but the man had physical disabilities, he both had no arms and he could not walk properly.
im sure if the man had a body like me then he would work for his money.
idk so my grandpa told me to just give him a coin.
better than nothing I suppose

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