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This summer, I'm dedicating time to a personal passion project + I'm looking for 11 artistic photographers who aren't afraid to expand their creative boundaries. Each photographer will contribute 1 existing piece + get together with me to create 1 new + pair these with my written works to tell the story of the Evolution of Love. I've been writing since I was in middle school + have been secretly pairing my poetry to imagery that inspires me for the last couple years. I'm ready to take a leap and share some of these intimate bits so close to me + put together a show I've had in mind for a long time. If you're interested or know a rad Southern California photographer who'd be down, shoot me a DM for the full details.

Thanks to my amigo @dosomethingcool for the 📷 + (most likely unknowingly) inspiring me to push forward with my creative passions by continually providing me the space + opportunities to do so.
#roots #notwithoutdirt #love #poetry #creatives #photography

e + 📷+ 🌲+ ⛺️ In my element this past Saturday at the second Outdoor Innovators Workshop with @strandedonland + @shoestringadventures
Thanks for the pc @timothy_reed_murphy
#somestoriesinspire #shoestringadventures

To my first teacher + forever mentor; over time with you I've learned that:

Love evolves with time, experiences + is open to the transformations of the things involved.
True apologies are shown in actions, in showing up + in loyalty.
Doing what is right is the most important thing.
Sometimes you fall short of this, but you can always make amends and that's what counts.
True love helps others see their strengths + weaknesses and pushes them to be their best at all times.
You're never too old to learn, to try new things or to grow.
Strength isn't in the muscle but in the heart.
And this strength shows by staying true to your beliefs.

No matter what it is that you believe, you share your truths with everyone you meet wholeheartedly so that they can find some truth from it too.
Love isn't about what you get, but what you can give.
And that my existence is the most important to someone + I shouldn't accept anything less from anyone else.
Thank you for being my foundation + all that you're constantly teaching me, papa bear. I love you to the moon.

#roots #love #dad

spending a few hours a day, a few days a week for the last month outside at @barrelsnbranches has taught me that:

plants are teachers.
they teach patience.
how to be present.
and gentle.
they've taught me that sometimes, in order to grow you have to:
expand past the comfort zone you've grown out of.
remove the old leaves so new ones can grow.
that just because you're willing to share your space with others, doesn't mean it's what's best for you.
and that lots of tlc balance and paying attention to your own intuition and needs will result in you thriving and expanding fully into the beautiful being you were planted to be.
#notwithoutdirt #roots #plantlife #gardening

3/3: times when my mind,
my heart,
my soul has no question.
when i am allowed to just be.
to just be in any particular moment.
for any particular time.
and this time.
is beyond blissful.
there's no high i've reached that exceeds this feeling.
this desire.
and over and over again,
i find myself,
in full circle.
seeking this release.
this pleasure.
a utopia that no one else can see.
only those i allow to experience this reality with me.
because when you are.
where i am.
my reality is just what you'll see. . 📷: @kateneve .

#notwithoutdirt #roots #strandedonland

2/3: to believe that anything is possible is not only a stretch but a leap into the unknown.
into the thinkable, the dreamable, into the reality of tomorrow.
to envision all that the heart desires is not only completely overwhelming,
but emotionally gratifying,
mentally stimulating
visually pleasing.
at times, completely unreal.

but there are times, beautiful, wonderful times that my brain settles,
my thoughts become unstructured,
my fantasies become my reality
and my reality becomes completely bearable. . 📷: @kateneve

#notwithoutdirt #roots #strandedonland

1/3: if reality is just part of the perceived,
if perception is in the eye of the beholder.
is reality all in my hands?

to have control of the known,
the unknown.
to imagine,
that which you wish into a vision.
to see that vision into a reality,
is this all true?
is it possible? . 📷: @kateneve

#notwithoutdirt #roots #strandedonland

"The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white; nor must you do anything but be yourself. The natural world is ripe with such authenticity; the rushing stream, the moving wind, and the chirping crickets are content to be themselves. Are you content to be who you are completely- to be nothing more, nothing less?" - The Laws of the Spirit 🙏🏽
#roots #notwithoutdirt #treehugger #strandedonland

You are my foundation.
Regardless of the proximity of this connection.
I am here to heal your soul.
And I will shift my thoughts of connections to you.
To only send you love, healing, softness and support.

You're teaching me to love, to trust in this.
To confidently follow my heart without necessity for an answer in the immediate.
Order and process.
To put myself top of mind.

That relationships worth having are grown over time.
By patiently allowing the other to process,
To accept,
To open up their space,
And to welcome you in.

That they're supportive of your higher self, your life's purpose.
They are a mold that expands and houses this pursuit of the path.
They do not restrict or limit or attempt to redefine what is.
They amplify it.
By teaching you the lessons of the universe requested by your higher self. .
📷: @the.tuna
#notwithoutdirt #roots

I used to think that nomad was an action, a lifestyle. They roamed endlessly. And that in order to live this way, you had to release the need and comfort in the staying. But as I’ve traveled more places, seen more things and met more people, nomadism has been revealed as a way of being. It’s deeper than action, it’s spiritual. Ritualistic. A way of living. And this way of living isn’t exclusive to roaming the Earth. It’s an exchange set deep inside that is fulfilled when familiarities are replaced with the discovery of unknowns. Growth and progress, in oneself and in the impacts made in the world you able to touch. And the growth, progress and impact brings contentment.
In my eyes, this is what true nomadism is. And this is what draws us to the open roads, to booking flights and to discovering new culture, places and people.
Head to {strandedonland.com} + check out my personal journal post on Discovering Nomadism.
#somestoriesinspire #strandedonland

Opening of the heart doesn't mean that you will receive love.
It means that you are releasing fear.

That you are exposing yourself fully to receive change in your behavior, in your way of existing. It means releasing expectations.

And becoming full.
With life.
With purpose.
Within your existence.
And knowing that you are enough. .
📷: @gabaccia
#roots #notwithoutdirt #love

Succulent propagation. .

#roots #dirt #plantlife

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