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My whole life I've been equally fearful + fascinated by moto bikes. This weekend, I'm confronting both thanks to @seaweedandgravel + my Enci crew. Motorcycle caravan, campfire cookout + camping under the stars happening this Saturday. Wanna join? click the link in @strandedonland's bio for all the details, to RSVP + come ride with us #getoutsidethegrind

The specific details are unimportant.
Because the occurrences have grown to be uncountable.
This is normal,
this is the way things are.
How they have always been.
How they always will be.

Virginity stolen by a stranger as I was blacked out.
Groped by strangers + trusted men, unwarranted.
Backlashed, belittled + humiliated for speaking up, speaking out.
Sworn to secrecy for wrong doings.
Isolated for fear of misinterpretations.
Rejected for lack of compliance + submissions to fantasies of what being a female means I should do.
Silenced by the demand to be polite, non-offensive + not dramatic.
Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Fearful to be unguarded, as it might be interpreted as an invitation to intrude my physical space, damage my heart, my head + possibly even my body without regard.

Did you say no?
Is that even the question?

Better yet, did you proclaim yes?
Was it love or lust or self-fulfilling power?
Truthfully, doesn’t matter.

The assaults happen less frequently.
Harassments, as often as one can inhale.
These stories I’ll never tell.
Because, it’s normal.
You’re pretty and nice, they say.
Look at you, can you blame them?
And of course, things are easier because you’re a female.

To all my fellow humans who have been crushed by violation of any sorts, know that you are not alone + there’s a whole tribe of us out there that know that it is not okay.


Image by my fav. artist @witchoria

Tell me,
How do you heal a human
that's never stopped hurting?
How do you fix a heart
that never stops feeling?
. 📷: @joephotograph x @groceriesapparel x @strandedonland .
#roots #notwithoutdirt #lovepoem #love

Rollin round, top down in my baby boy, my ride or die #jeepzeus
📷: @noelle.mietus .
#saturdaysarefortheboys #caliliving #strandedonland #getoutsidethegrind #jeeplife

IDK if any hour is too early to start thinking about @rudolphsbarandtea. If there's anything that I (almost) love more than being outside, it's great food + drinks. Head over to @strandedonland + click the {link in bio} to find out some of my fav eats + drinks found at @freehandhotels in LA. .
#getoutsidethegrind #freehandLa

Do you
Long for it.
To feel what you once felt.
When you stopped
And looked into my eyes.
Really stopped.
Really looked.
And saw the depths of me that you’ve never seen before.

That one time.
The first time.
I saw the beauty you’ve been smothering inside.
Hiding beneath your busyness.
Suffocating with semantics + false pleasantries.
Half crooked smiles, libation fueled conversations.
Do you
Long for it.
This one time, for that one moment.
We stopped time.
That one time, in that moment.
You revealed your deepest self to me.
I revealed the part of me that’s rarely ever shown. .
📷: @abe_ramirez_
#roots #notwithoutdirt #justanotherlovepoem #love #poetry #letsmakeart #photography

I see you.
And I understand.
That you may not be feeling yourself,
Or behaving yourself
But you are still here.

And I see you.
And pure.
At the core.

Misaligned or disconnected
You might feel at present.
But you,
Are, without hesitation more connected
And true
Than ever before. .
📷: @kaidiaz
#roots #notwithoutdirt #lovepoems #strandedonland #letsstartyoga

Whoever you are
Wherever you are
No matter what you decide to do
I hope that you are seeking connection
To yourself
To the land you live in
I hope you're finding love
In your truths.
📷: @joephotograph x @groceriesapparel x @strandedonland .
#roots #notwithoutdirt #lovepoem #strandedonland

Because Divine energy is inherent in our biological system, every thought that crosses our minds,
every belief we nurture,
every memory to which we cling translates into a positive or negative command to our bodies and spirits.
It is magnificent to see ourselves through this lens,
but it is also intimidating,
because no part of our lives or thoughts is powerless or even private.
We are biological creations of Divine design.
Once this truth becomes a part of your conscious mind,
you can never again live an ordinary life. .
📷: @gabaccia
#roots #notwithoutdirt #quotes #strandedonland

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