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Eunique Deeann  food • booze • @strandedonland | Encinitas ✉️ 🌿🏊🏔✌🏽️🏄🏽💕⛺️#getoutsidethegrind

I put these 2 garlic cloves in a cup of water 4-5 days ago. They've grown shoots and roots like cray. Nature rules!

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I'm not angry. Nor am I grabbing anything back today. I haven't lost anything. I had nothing to lose.
Instead, I've discovered my strength.

I've found strength in adversities that I've faced being a woman. In the eyes of many: a pretty face, an object, replaceable, a minority. But in the eyes of those who have helped me see just how strong, powerful + beautiful I am. I've discovered, that I am not, a minority.

WE are the majority.
WE consists of the powerful, the persistent, the humble and those not afraid to never stop fearlessly fighting for what they believe in. And when one of us gets weak or broken down, there's an army of warriors there to take the reigns and continue charging forward. I'm rooted in the power of being a human. And I just so happen to be a woman.
#internationalwomensday #shepersisted #thefutureisfemale

If anyone is looking for a home cook, I'm currently accepting applications. • Quinoa + Cauli fried rice • Sautéed Rockfish • Homemade Kimchi using @parkesta's fam recipe

Nearly a year ago, @adamvicarel's work became a part of my inspiration. I have since been obsessed with his ability to make inanimate objects soar. ✨Some Stories Inspire✨ is my heart + soul put into 3 simple words. Meeting people, listening to their story + then sharing this with people they may have never had the opportunity to connect with is such a big part of me, I can't imagine life without it. Adam + I have been working on breathing life + identity into this statement for a while now.
These words are a custom handlettering, designed by Adam's interpretation of my vision. If you haven't had the chance to collaborate with an artist, you should. It's one of the most amazing, important + pride filled experiences you'll be able to have. Allowing someone to see what you do + beautifully craft this into something to be timelessly shared with the world will give you, your artist + the people lucky enough to cross paths with it something that can change your life if you let it.
Follow @strandedonland. Tomorrow we'll be sharing one of the outcomes of this project + our first custom merchandise for you to snag for yourself or a friend that inspires you.

Hosting a Sunset Stretch sess + bonfire with @strandedonland Sunday night. San Deigo + Encinitas friends, come get set for a summer full of outdoor adventures with us! Bring a mat, reusable cup + blanket. I got you covered for everything else. More info on Shoot me a message to RSVP!
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I baked potatoes in my cast iron for my roommates on Saturday night. Because, I love them.

Putting things out into the universe can + will often do exactly what you requested. But because of time and the ego, more often than not will result in friction until you become ready + able to embrace the change you asked for. The challenges that arise are reminders that each moment is limited, endurable + a self-seeking path to create your purpose.

#strandedonland #dirt #roots

Some lead, others follow: celery + tomatoes, they're leaders.
I planted scraps from celery + tomatoes a few weeks ago. They're taking charge and taking off. My sunflower and sage seedlings are starting to pop up too. Figures crossed I'll be able to get everything in the dirt while we're still having all this beautiful rain.

Making homemade kimchi with @parkesta's family recipe + a few additions.
#homemade #vegan #kimchi #fermentation

Not quuiittteee the green I was going for. But proof that I can grow something. #greenthumb #homegrown #gardening #okayrainletstryagain #byefelicia

I backyard garden in bikini tops + big hats. This insta's bout to go green, welcome y'all. 💦🌱✨ #gardens #calilivin #encinitas #plantlife #greenstuff #dirtdonthurt #sustainableliving #immaeatthat

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