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Eunice Chia  Malaysian Chinese living in Bangkok 🙇Vegan 🌱

Because "what we get" can get taken away while "who we become" is ours to keep.
感恩中学时期黄瑞晶老师送我的这四个字, 至今仍对我的人生道路有很深的启发。
每当想要complain的时候, 都会pause一下, 然后告诉自己 "能者多劳, 你行的" , 正能量就又满满了。💯
We're what we do each day. Our actions define us. ☝

Today's reflections🌌
I. Never underestimate anyone and overestimate ourselves. Everybody we meet can teach us something. To be humble is to have the access to growth.
II. Blaming others doesn't solve any problems nor undo any mistakes. To understand, forgive and grow mutually is the loving way to empower us to perform better next time.
III. Sometimes when we feel stuck in life, it's because our old energies are being cleared out so that new energies can enter. When it's time for us to make a positive change, the Universe will make it so uncomfortable that we would have no choice but to take a leap of faith. All transformations seem hard at the beginnings. But trust that eventually it'll be all worth it. It's more about the journey than the destination anyway. Let go of the tensions. Surrender to it. We're all on the right track of being redirected to a greater place where our souls will be free.
A spontaneous shot of Bangkok's night view from my balcony. Isn't it beautiful? I mean LIFE.
Sending you guys love and light 💖

Friendship is an incredible thing. For someone to peer inside the very depths of our souls, and love us all the same - now that is true beauty. There have been many times this wonder woman has lifted me when I struggled to lift myself, has encouraged me, has pulled me close, and has loved me well. I could never ask for more. You're a true gift and inspiration to my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you @shengxun22 💚.
Throwback to our 1-day trip to Meklong railway market where we had so much fun and coconut water🌴🌞

Everybody gets what he or she needs to grow.

Real food has no ingredient. Real food IS ingredient. And the happiness from eating real food is fcuking REAL.
|"Where do you get your protein?"
"The same places where your 'proteins' get theirs." |🌱😊
#vegan #crueltyfree #realfood #plantbased #compassion #highvibrations #veganforanimals #doesyourfoodhaveaface #youarewhatyoueat

Coconut ice-cream understands. Coconut ice-cream heals.
Be like coconut ice-cream🌱😂
#dairyfree #vegan

I'm so grateful that nature is free! So is happiness! 💃💚

Sharing is caring 💚😉 I learned to cook this creamy pesto pasta originally from my soul sister @vallary88 and am proud that I finally mastered this 😋 As some of you have been interested in this homemade pesto pasta from my story, here you go. Recipe's below👉

- 1 ripe avocado
- 2 big handful of spinach (or 3 I can't remember😂)
- a few tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
- a little coconut milk (I used about 100ml)
- a handful of nuts of choice, raw or toasted (I used slightly toasted walnuts here)
- a little lemon juice (I used lemon essential oil, lazy chef anyone else 😂)
- pinch of himalayan salt
- lots of black pepper
- pasta of choice

Blend all the above and mix well with cooked pasta. Garnish with more black pepper if desired 👍

If you try this let me know how you like it 😘
| Being vegan is not about giving up on anything. It's about opening your eyes to everything that you never knew before. Stay curious. Stay open. | 🌱🌈 .
#pesto #avocado #pasta #vegan #veganism #plantbased #youarewhatyoueat #crueltyfree #soulfood #highvibrations

The quality of a friendship should be measured on the strength of your bond and the abundance of love between you, not the number of times you catch up over coffee or go out drinking. We all have different needs, schedules and responsibilities. What's important is you are always there when it matters. 💚

Thank you for visiting me and caring about me. To answer your question, I'm actually really happy and inspired to see you today 😁💚 13 years of friendship and still counting. Take care and see you again somewhere soon.

My love is unconditional. Your action is irrelevant.

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