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Eunhee Gahan 

Marley’s bed... He is sleeping in the sink all the time. I’m wondering why he likes sink.

What a beautiful sisters!!

We came to see Ara with whole bunch of Korean food.
We had a picnic at the West Point.

It’s “Girl’s Night Out” for “VAV Kpop Concert” in Jersey City, NJ.

Ara sent me a lot of pictures from her exercise. They look soooo fun even in the rainy day! It’s raining a lot in the east coast... it was raining last week and this week, tooooooo

I’m sooooo proud of Ara. That’s my girl~~!!

Ara is at 30days training exercise. She must be really really tired.

Rescued cat... we found him in front of my house. He was crying in the rainy night.
He sat with weird position.

At the ft. Mchenry...
Place of star spangled banner.

#Albino squirrel in Washington D.C

Its really cold.. east-coast is freezing! I miss summer already~🏖🏖🏖🏖🏖

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