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Eunhee Gahan 

Ara was going to PHiLLy to see Army-Navy game. Army is the winner!!!!! Yay!
Go! Army!!!!!!

Girl’s messy night! They made lots of messy in my kitchen!!! OMG

Navy is Army’s competitor. Annapolis is Place of Navy Academy. Ara and Joe was wanted yell “ Beat the Navy.” But, they never did. Hahahahaha

Ara came home with Joe. We went to Annapolis. The sun was really hot and air was soooo cold. I couldn’t open my eyes because of strong sunshine. We had great time and fun.

Weird sky color!!! We came to Virginia, Joa was nagging whole week.. I had to come in the raining and through the heavy traffics.

I said to Ara “ u r killing Joe” and she replied, “He is strong”

Ara an joe looks funny, but I love them sooo much

It’s fall’s color! I love this colors.
It’s changing season again. Time sure flies really fast, also I am getting old... what a 😔

Girls out for trick or treat!
Happy 🎃! Boo!

Girl’s nite! They r watching Kdrama. @.@

Flowers makes me happy whenever whatever happens to me.

Designed by Joa... I think Joa has talented this field..... but, I have no idea what she will be....

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