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Eugene Simon  So I now live life vicariously through my phone's camera but not to worry we'll just have to enjoy the photos together! 😊

Gooooood morning LA! ☀️

Fairwell brilliantly grubby New York apartment where the bath is right next to the electricity grid and cooker! 😄 🚿...... ⚡️⚡️⚡️!..... 💀

HEY 90s GAMERS! Remember 'Red Alert'?! 🚨 #throwbackwhatever

Father and son shared more than a few laughs yesterday for the #genius premier. I'm standing next to a man I've admired my entire adult life and to have met, laughed and acted with him.... well, I'm just on cloud 9 folks! It gives me enormous comfort and catharsis to know that Eduard Einstein (and Albert) will be understood a great deal better because of this show! Can't wait for you all to see it! Xx (NOW WHERE IS THAT EINSTEIN EMOJI?!)


Destination reached! #genius #tribeca #tribecafilmfestival #nyc suit: @joshuakanebespoke website:

Before I left home I noticed my tie was slightly unstitched so, yes, I actually bought my sewing kit! HEY SCREW YOU I CAME PREPARED! ✊️ 📌 @joshuakanebespoke

Damn you editing! Snapshot update for you all folks⚡️Fantastic suit by @joshuakanebespoke for ⚡️tonight's #genius premier with @natgeochannel ⚡️having just interviewed with 🦊 Fox411 ⚡️and now back to touring the big 🍎 before tonight 🎭 (All these emojis are exhausting and I need to breath!)


Bog-standard tourist reporting for duty! Destination: Lady Liberty! 😎

Oh my sweet jeez..... you sir, are a braver man than I! #windowcleaningextreme

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