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Eugene Lee Yang  Producer / Actor / Writer / Director / Try Guy

Happy #KoreanAmericanDay!

Today, we not only honor those who've famously contributed to US history, but also the small business owners and laborers, the veterans and adoptees, the doctors and engineers and pastors and every Korean who showed that we are all American. 🇰🇷🇺🇸 But most importantly, to my parents, immigrants who risked everything and worked tirelessly to give me and my sisters a better life: 사랑해요. 💜

Mr. Steal Your Dog

Frighten your friends with fashion (scroll for a surprise)
📸: @jdrenes

Hi, it’s 2019. 👋 Dress and look however the fuck you damn well please. #HappyNewYear 🎉

I wanted to take a moment of reflection and appreciation for my time at BuzzFeed Video. 🙏

It would’ve been my five-year work anniversary around now, and although I am so honored and grateful for the enthusiasm you have after seeing some of my earlier short film work, I want to remind everyone that my productions continued to be weird, experimental, and boundary-pushing, even at a company. I use the term “mainstream” because the videos I made there garnered billions upon billions of views which is a wonderful, humbling challenge for creatives. To get immediate, brutal feedback for my concepts from a huge international audience is wild for someone whose work was regarded as “edgy” and “avant-garde.” 🎥

I wouldn’t trade my time at BuzzFeed for the world: some very talented people worked there with me during an extremely exciting era in online video. Everything we made was an experiment. Plus, I met my three best friends. 💜
I wanted to clarify that I have never given up on my writing and directing career: it has simply evolved and adapted to the surprising and unpredictable opportunities that typically don’t come around for a young filmmaker. I “killed” the independent directing career I was developing that relied on me solely being an angry, lonely auteur. I now have the additional, unique insight of making those instincts speak to a wider audience. I have more tools for greater impact. 🙌

In conclusion, I’m very thankful for the platform BuzzFeed gave me to be artistic on. I’m so happy to be working alongside the Try Guys today. And my upcoming personal projects will be smarter but no less controversial or censored and I can’t wait to share them with you in the near future. 🔥

Happy Holidays to all the pets who want to murder their owners right now 🐶🎅🏼🐱


Welp. It finally lappened.

I’ll break it down, bitch.

• a pinch of ________
• a dash of ________
• a sprinkle of _______
#WithoutARecipe 🥧

🇬🇧 #tbt

Lucy Liu
With my girl, Drew
Cameron D and Destiny 🔥

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