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Took 17 years for me to start accepting my natural hair... A few years, way too much money on hair products and many broken combs later... Now I’m obsessed...

Tuesday motivation... In case y’all thought I had my sh*t together, rest assured this is the most dressed up I’ve been all month and basically the only selfie without a filter on my face. Also, a dirty mirror that I don’t intend on cleaning. My hair has been poppin though and this gym routine has other things poppin too. #enjoy

New beginnings 🌿

Ma’s dress 🌹

Issa husband 💍 #20days

Today, I worked out so hard that I threw up. I also, for the first time in over 6 years, let someone else dye my hair. It’s not like I haven’t been exercising frequently or dying my hair, but I always kept it inside my comfort zone. .
When I posted about it someone that knows me fairly well said “Oh, are you single now? Working on that bounce back?” because my past habit was to only push myself to be better when I felt I had to prove myself to someone or distract myself from something. .
The thing is, my relationship couldn’t be better, I’ve finished post-secondary school, I have a full time job, I’m getting my first place in a matter of weeks... Life in general is pretty ‘Team Patra’ right now. Because I’m comfortable and happy I was pretty satisfied to just continue maintaining myself. .
But when I look around and see all the amazing individuals I look up to making big career changes, going back to school, starting podcasts, writing books, making time for self care and trying to achieve new personal goals (and the list goes on)... I see the happiness their success brings them. So now, I am striving to do the same for myself: because why be good when you could be better? .
If you are tagged in this post or if you actually read down this far, thank you. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Those tagged guide me, help me, motivate me, and/or inspire me to be my best self. I value and appreciate each one of you in a unique way. .
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#MCM thank you for loving me unconditionally even on days I need a reminder to love myself, thank you for being my best friend even though we drive each-other crazy and most importantly, thank you for sharing your bacon with me on a frequent basis. I told myself I’d never get married and that I’d live in a lofty villa with my sperm bank baby and 6 dogs but here we are planning a wedding and debating over home decor and for once I’ll admit I was wrong (only in terms of what I wanted in the future, I’m still always right otherwise).

So lemme tell y’all... my man really is my best friend, I mean, he annoys me 99% of the time but I wouldn’t change it for the world

Pending so many life changes (moving and immigrating, getting married, changing careers), and been unintentionally catching a few moments of crisis on camera. YouTube channel is maaaaybe launching next week and some of those moments may be featured on there. Comment some videos you wanna see whether it’s hair tutorials or relationship stuff etc...👇🏽

All you are is all that I need #blessed

I mean I could post something other than cheesy couple pics but this is pretty much my whole camera roll

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