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kristina e. taylor  all praise to the most high.

my women, my women.... this is on my heart to share.

i’ve been disheartened lately with everything going on in our world. from the tragedy in vegas, the continuous absurdity of your president, natural disasters obliterating everything, black voices not being heard in and off the field, to the haunting news of hollywood’s sexual predator. enlighten me on something uplifting!
i can relate closely to most of the aforementioned, sadly. I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD, but at times i feel unheard, i lost my little brother to gun violence, and i’ve been sexually assaulted twice; once by gunpoint. i have been through some shit! i still albeit count on god to graciously carry me through all of my grievances.

my women... you must fight against sexual abuse!!! all abuse! it’s no easy fete, but imagine the women you’re not only empowering, but protecting. really, think about it. my second experience with sexual assault happened on my way to work in the subway. i was walking up the stairs and a guy *insert your president’s quote* and i squealed at the top of my lungs “YOU JUST VIOLATED ME”! he denied it, called me a “bitch”, spit on me, and proceeded to run to catch another train. initially, i was humiliated, broken, and petrified. who could be brazen enough to do that in public? i quickly overcame my fear and turned full blown liam neeson. this motherfucker touched the wrong “bitch”!!! i chased him and yelled for the police to help me. when i saw him being arrested i felt so strong!!! i felt like batman, y’all and gotham city was safe again. it was an indescribable feeling! in the end, i pressed charges and he served 6 months in jail. i never wanted another woman to feel like i felt in that moment. now, what if i was silent? how many other women would he have assaulted that day? any day? not on my watch.

YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF YOUR CASTLE! ...and don’t you forget it 👸🏿👸🏾👸🏼 your silence will not protect you.

overshare? possibly, but i hope this helps someone reading this... *hits share button* #metoo

oh, judy🖤

in the midst of this crippling news and terror, las vegas, you're still FABULOUS✨ the enemy will not prevail. praying for your strength and healing.

people make the world go rouuuund!

i am soooo proud of this project and elated to be a part of it. cc: @dougienewtonproject #kuwtk10 THANK YOU @simoneharouche also a huge thank you to @margoschneier @nourseikaly @jkendzierski for being the best pr people that i know and having my back!

found these "business cards" i made in 9th grade at @cass_tech 21 years ago ...then, your girl got her own line and was POPPIN'!!! #parentalcontrol

my men and my women...

closing remarks.

just a coast away to hold each other down... love you, baby girl! @lauriceblair_3000

"...when you have cancer, but cancer doesn't have you..." @abernette ***LINK IN BIO*** #FUCKCANCER

caps off to 34!!!

thank you for this top. thank you for the jeans (not pictured). thank you for these bamboo bracelets. thank you for letting me carry your lv bag. thank you for the ride i'm sure you gave me to this party. thank you for the pajamas you lent me after the party of which i probably still have. thank you for the cozy bed to sleep in and for the toothbrush and home cooked breakfast you possibly made the morning after. THANK YOU for having my back.........when i didn't even have to ask. this is a flashBACK friday for that ass (not pictured)! fbf and bff. @catalina913

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