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Sunset in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC as I was leaving work the other night, One World Trade off in the distance.

From my last photoshoot with my stepsister and her beautiful family. (I'm mostly referring to the dogs here, but the rest of them are pretty okay, too.)

My fiancé and I learned during the last NYC snowstorm that snowflakes are really hard to take pictures of. Here's a shot from the roof of our apartment, where it's totally snowing super hard! But it just kind of looks foggy.

My dear friend since we were baaaaabies had me come do a photoshoot of her ever-expanding family, but this moment while the kids were distracted was my favorite shot of the day.

I present to you my greatest piece of art. I call this: "Minimalist Bacon". (From my @freshdirect meal kit.)

Back to NYC pictures! Here's a shot from my neighborhood last fall that just feels entirely Brooklyn to me.

And that's it for my Poland pictures! I think about the country all of the time and can't wait to visit again, hopefully this year. Warsaw had the beauty of Prague, and Krakow had the grit of Budapest, but it seemed like neither had been really touched by tourism the way those more-popular cities have. Everything was still cheap, and nothing was ever crowded. And the food! I mean, they have their own kind of donut. Come on. I ❤️ Poland!

A marker remembering All Saints' Church in All Saints' Square (Plac Wszystkich Świętych), which was built in the 1200s and demolished in 1838. Stones from it were used to built a wall around Rakowicki Cemetery, and its bronze fountain can be seen at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Krakow. Note the awesome Krakow tram in the background, so modern, ooh la la!

Our final ice cream in Krakow was from Lody na Starowiślnej, which usually has a half-hour line, but we happened to visit while it was sprinkling outside and ice cream didn't sound as appealing to the less-impassioned. This tiny shop is famous and beloved in Krakow, but it wasn't our favorite. The women behind the counter DID NOT care about us, so we didn't get to try a bunch of flavors before deciding on this super-appetizing plastic cup full of bakaliowe, a Polish ice cream made with fruit and nuts.

We had lunch at Czarna Kaczka in Kraków's Old Town on my fiancé's parents' recommendation, so you know it's good traditional Polish food at a reasonable price. I got one of my favorite Polish dishes of all time, bigos, which is sometimes called the Polish national dish. Every Polish cook has her own recipe, but it's basically sauerkraut cooked with mushrooms, forest fruits, red wine, rich spices, and then any and all meat you can find in the house. My fiancé got a half-duck, and I also had one of those classic European iced coffees where they just drop a scoop of ice cream into coffee to cool it down, god bless them.

Because it was raining, we took the opportunity to go to the Rynek Underground museum our last day in Poland. Here, we're looking up at St. Mary's Basilica through the Louvre-Pyramid-like fountain that's above ground in the Kraków town square. Archeologists figured out that there were historical artifacts under the Sukiennice in the center of the city, and in 2005, they began digging up the entire area, only to discover that there was an entire Medieval market preserved in tunnels under the street. When you enter the museum, you're actually in the remains of that market, and you walk on transparent catwalks to look down into the stalls. You can also learn about POLISH VAMPIRE BURIAL, which is reason enough to visit.

It rained our last full day in Poland, so here we are in the Kraków town center under the roof of the Sukiennice, trying to keep dry and watching the horse-drawn carriages ferry people around in their ponchos. They always have an attractive younger woman and a sturdy-looking old man driving the carriage, and we decided it's because wives want the carriage ride and can only be convinced to take one by the idea of sitting behind the hot chick.

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