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The next day was our trip to DISNEYLAND PARIS! (Which used to be known as Euro Disney, for those of who you totally remember when it opened, like me.) If Disneyland is tiny compared to Disney World, Disneyland Paris is one step smaller, so you can easily do the park in one day and ride Space Mountain multiple times because you're a glutton for punishment. I've heard people call Disneyland Paris a little janky compared to the other Disneys, but I thought everything looked and worked great. Plus, all of the really trying-to-be-American things were super adorable when you remembered you were in France.

After our day at the Palace of Versailles, we met Jack's cousin for dinner at Happy Nouilles, where we shared everything on the menu. There weren't enough seats for us, so a nice French man let us share his table and helpfully recommended the right bowl of soup for Jack to increase his virility. It was fun listening to the Chinese server and Jack's Polish cousin trying to understand each other's French.

French macarons from the Ladurée inside the Palace of Versailles. We ate these on the train on the way home, didn't share with anyone else, and made a lot of enemies that day.

More gorgeous flowers from the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. I'm really sorry.

The Battles Gallery in the Palace of Versailles, for showcasing 15 centuries of French military awesomeness. I actually have a similar gallery in my own home for depictions of my battles on the NYC subway.

In the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

More amazing rooms in the Palace of Versailles.

(In Spain now but still posting France pictures from May!) Another one from the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. We were pretty lost at this point but weren't sad about it! Mostly because Google Maps totally works in the woods.

Marlborough Tower, or la tour de la pêcherie, where all of the fish in the pond gather to gawk at tourists gawking back at them.

The main farmhouse in Marie Antoinette's little village at the Palace of Versailles. I don't know if you can see this, but the backyard is full of big, fluffy BUNNIES! This was a real working farm meant to produce eggs and such for the queen. But I'm 100% sure that the bunnies were solely kept as pets.

The mill in Marie Antoinette's little village at the Palace of Versailles.

Last night from my rooftop, lights marking the site of the Twin Towers.

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