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(she) might be useful for everyone but hard to be meaningful only to someone. What is more precious? Useful or meaningful?
I believe you have your own point based on what you feel and on your view to chose both of that. •

On some cases perfection is created by having a meanings and even useful things. They will be pretend to be useful and meaningful just to be perfect. They can make us confused to see what's the real and false in a perfection.

It's not hard to be perfect, just act like who you are, don't be like others. It'll make you just to get much attention and love.
I can say, they will give all love in all ways ¤¤¤¤

It's late at night, Have a Nice Dream.
Friday, 22 February 201/11:17 pm #

How are u?
I'm fine •

Here I upload some of photos me with my(friends). Don't ask me why, cause I can't give u an aswer as an excuse.
There's nothing special on that pict, maybe later It will be special, not today. Honestly I really don't care what you think about me and them. I can Express what I feel as I like,
• Who I am, nobodys know exactly
And Who they are, I can't describe spesifically. • Who are u? The answer is yours not mine. Therefore, don't act like you know me as more as I know.
And now the only one I believe that of course I'm happy to be me. ~~~

Express ur self on the camera, being crazy, calm n happy is ur choice to be what u want, but let today be an unusual day in order to create the moments. •

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