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adventures of engtat + sheena  Lovers of slow travel writing about off the beaten path experiences and gastrorgasmic food. 🔍 #etsyexplores(destination) for our best tips!


Throwback to when we went diving in the Bay of Pigs - the waters there are so ridiculously clear we had visibility of 10m 😍🐟🐠 Looking forward to seeing these blues and greens again, except this time we’re headed to the Maldives!!! Do you have recommendations for where we should stay? Or where we can go diving? Let us know in the comments below!! Happy Monday, folks! ✨


• P E R S P E C T I V E •
Of late, I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed with the deluge of work and engagements, both professionally and personally. It’s only the second week of 2018, and it already feels too much, too fast.
But I’m trying to remind myself that it’s ok to take a step back, savour the big picture, indulge in some alone time and get lost in a book. Also, silly as it sounds, look back at my holiday snaps to remember the moments I felt light, free and unbridled. And sometimes, that little pocket of detachment is really helpful in getting me going and pushing forward.
So this is a throwback to one beautiful morning in HK, when we stood far, far away from the hustle and bustle, and just admired it quietly from a distance.
How about you? What do you do when you need to disconnect?
Photo credit: @justagooglemum
#etsyexploreshk #seoulsistersinhk

Show me your worst, the earth said to the storm. I will blossom just the same.
Comforted by this picture after a mad but exciting start to the work year. I’m reminded that there’s a time and season for everything, and as long as we endure the elements, we will blossom and bloom 🌸🌼 Seriously though, these flower fields in Hokkaido are mad pretty! Don’t you think they are like physical rainbows stretching to the horizon?


2017 was beautifully messy, and messily beautiful. It was a year of transformation, difficult conversations, and soul-searching interventions, but also one filled with giddy laughter and heart-glowing experiences. And I’m so thankful that through it all, we learnt to be better together.

In 2018, I hope to really learn what it means to #centre. To not negate any emotions, but to be able to meet all of them with love and courage. To be brave in speaking my mind, and to never stop finding out who I am, and what I stand for. Wishing all of you a light-filled 2018 ✨
#etsyexploreskurokawa #SENsei #blingiton2018 #peace 📸: @nique_chua

Have you ever encountered a scene you wish you could capture on camera?
Take this, for example. This was taken at the last rotenburo we visited in Kurokawa. It was the prettiest I’d seen - with the onsen overlooking a little waterfall that flowed into this stream. The surroundings were blanketed by soft fresh snow and awash by this beautiful light, and I had this spectacle all to myself. I so regretted not bringing my camera with me (technically they’re not allowed too) so I sat there for the longest time just committing it to my memory. And I found myself describing the scene to anyone who was willing to listen to me this week, just so I could secure it in my mind.
Still, I couldn’t resist sneaking back after that to take photos of whatever I could, without compromising anyone’s modesty 😅

Have you ever experienced a scene you wish you were able to capture but couldn’t? Share with us in the comments below (: #etsyexploreskurokawa #SENsei

Do you find that sometimes the best travel moments happen when we don’t plan for it?

We wandered into this yatai with little expectations and were blown away by the food and the warm hospitality of the owners. They even volunteered to take this photo for us! Love this picture of the three of us because it represents everything that was awesome about this trip - the spontaneity, the gastrorgasmic food, and most gratefully, the friendship.
#SENsei #etsyexploresfukuoka

We’re not perfect, but we’re better together. ✨

Found this little hideaway with amazing coffee overlooking the Naka river in Fukuoka. With that gorgeous morning light illuminating our steaming mugs and conversations, it became my favourite breakfast experience of our trip. ☕️ 📸: @nique_chua #etsyexploresfukuoka #SENsei #pplights @passionpassport

Who knew that rising steam and falling snow would be so perfect together? ♨❄️ Spent the weekend exploring different onsens in Kurokawa, and it really brought my love for onsens to a whole new level. These rotenburo are quite something else 💖

#etsyexploreskurokawa #SENsei #onsen

The amazing thing about Japan is you can find delicious and exquisite food EVERYWHERE - even the markets!
Feat. bowl of toro from Kuromon Ichiba that we thoroughly enjoyed 😋

#etsyexploresosaka #ppfood @passionpassport

• G U N K A N J I M A •

We visited Gunkanjima, or Battleship Island, yesterday. While it looks kinda creepy and abandoned - the perfect setting for horror films - the stories revealed here show there is beauty in the brokenness. Only wish there was an English tour guide who could have provided us with clearer explanations!
#etsyexploresnagasaki #SENsei

There are moments in life when you need no more, and no less. When everything is just right, and you’re right where you need to be. When your heart is light, your mind is free, and your soul is at ease.
We wish for many of such moments, but I learnt recently that these exist because we also experience the emotions of anger, fear, and sadness. The feeling of tenderness does not exist in spite of those other emotions; it exists because we have the courage to face them.
I used to suppress anger, avoid fear, and reject sadness. But from now on, I’m going to embrace these emotions and call them out for what they are. Because these are what make me who I am; these are what make me whole ✨
Photo credit: @dexteryappy
#etsyexploreshokkaido #joy

Current craving: the roast goose noodles from Yat Lok 😋

One of HK’s cheapest Michelin-starred eateries, this bowl is just bursting with delectably moist and tender goose meat! A must-try if you’re in Hong Kong.
Tip: Go when they open at 10am to avoid queuing!
#etsyexploresHK #gastrorgasm

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