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Kelle Hampton  writer, mother. I take a lot of pictures, with my camera and with my heart. Author of New York Times Bestselling memoir Bloom.


I spy a hungry 🐶. First day back to school after Irma felt like starting all over again this morning, but we are craving some steady normalcy to balance our YOLO adventures. Even making lunches felt good this morning (ask me to repeat that in a week 😜). The return to healthy routines on the blog today with our friends from @stonyfield | #ad

I online shopped for pajamas for my kids today like my love for them is somehow proven in the perfect cotton--because, in my mind, the last quarter of the year is when evenings take center stage, and I'll be damned, we're goin' out strong. Seeing them cozy makes me so happy.

If she smiled any bigger, her face would break. ❤️ We went downtown for coffee this morning and to check out the hurricane damage on that side of town. Was happy to see the pier open as well as several shops and cafes with so many cute marketing messages, welcoming customers back and saying "we missed you"--my favorite: "Irma-gawd! We're open! Get in here!" 📷: Lainey

I tried my new necklace on her to see if it would fit...and I am dead.

You seriously didn't think I'd forget to mention the first day of fall now, did you? Throwin' it back to when I'd throw baby Nella in a pile of leaves, watch her play and just geek out at the happiness of it all. A hot cider cheers to all tonight. Happy Fall, Y'all!

Aqua front doors, impish smiles, flannel in September...of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. Irma Evaucation Part 2 and links and deets to all our North Georgia finds on the blog.

How strange it was driving in to our neighborhood tonight--trees and debris everywhere. We were home five minutes and the kids were all in the pool. Irma cleared out so many trees in our woods...bonus: more sun comes through. So tired after driving all day, but I've never ever been happier to be home. ❤️

Alarm set for early in the morning to carry the kids out to the car and start the long drive home. We miss our normalcy and our men but secretly admit we could go another week--I mean, we've joked we're going to run for Blairsville City Council and start a book club here (vote for us! 😂). We started this trip off anxious and bracing for the storm and ended more bonded than ever with all these crazy adventures in our memory book. Not to make light of the devastation Irma has brought--we've followed that too, and know we are headed home to be part of getting our city back on its feet--but I'm grateful for this crazy detour "evacucation." Climbing in a van that smells like cheese with three kids, a long drive and no plans of a destination isn't for the faint of heart, and my sidekick--the Thelma to my Louise--has been nothing but supportive, adventurous and the best company I could ask for. She said "yes" to every crazy u-turn we made, and during those moments when the kids (okay, and me) were losing it and I felt that "This is not our good side" shame, she'd calmly react with "You're such a good mom, Kelle," and in no time at all, it was natural and comfortable--so many meltdowns with total freedom to have them! Tucking that in my notes of how to be a good mother-in-law someday. We committed to 324 stairs (down and back up) to see breathtaking views of Tallulah Falls on the suspension bridge today, and everyone made it back up without being carried. So worth it. 👊🏻 @dnnahampton

And then we found a life size fairy garden in the mountains. What the actual hell is happening?

Lainey & Dash, sunrise kayak ride, skimming fog. I don't know that we would have ever picked this corner of the country if we planned a trip. Thank goodness we found it accidentally, thanks to Irma. #wandernorthgeorgia

Chicken soup on the stove, wine poured, Nina Simone playing, sunset coming. Our return date is set, and suddenly I'm drinking up every little moment of this evacuation as an unexpected gift. We got to "play house" for a bit, and it reminded me of how many hidden pleasures are buried in everyday life.

Another day, another Trading Post. ...at which Nella shares her Pop Rocks and I admit that I've said yes to far more sugar than is necessary or healthy because, at this point, I cannot deal with otherwise. At home, we cleanse.

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