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Kelle Hampton  writer, mother. I take a lot of pictures, with my camera and with my heart. Author of New York Times Bestselling memoir Bloom.

Tomorrow is her big day to present at the school's Hall of Americans, but tonight she did it for me. I didn't even realize she memorized her speech. I am so proud of her hard work on this report and the way she overcame stage fright to confidently present to her class today (her teachers had goosebumps--they couldn't believe she did it with no hesitation), but mostly I'm proud that she chose this beautiful hero--a sister with a story much like her own. All those tears I shed for the sister relationship I thought she lost, and beloved little Eunice. Different tears tonight. ❤️

In which the YouTube watching, Facebook using, Alexa-assisted, text-crazed, Instagram obsessed, self-driving car generation is simply awestruck by a silent technicolor picture projected on a brick wall. ❤️ He doesn't know it yet, but I'll be forcing him to watch so much Haley Mills this summer. Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah.

A letter to our teachers at the end of an unforgettable year. Link in profile.

Disco Ball: Check. Last Day of School Playlist: Check. Now we're just practicing our dance moves and getting through this last full week of school before total party mode. Can't wait to adventure with my kids this summer and enjoy slow easy mornings at home. The girls' on-trend comfy adventure-ready pink play clothes are part of the Wonder Nation line @walmart. We've had so much fun partnering with them this spring and styling their colorful comfy pieces (tagless!) that perfectly mix affordability with on-trend design. (Also, my jumpsuit is from their Time & Tru line.) #sponsored #wondernation

On the blog today, our intern @kirstagraf shares her life hacks for getting through her first year of college. And I'm sharing the letter her mom wrote me this week--what she learned letting go this year: "I have to LET GO and HOLD ON at the same time. I learned this is HARD. I learned this is WORTH IT...All us parents with kiddos with special needs have got to keep our hope in the growth process….because sometimes it is just too soon to tell how something is going to turn out." I love these two people so much. (Read more at

Preschool graduation. He stood solemnly on stage, refusing to partake in any hand motions or facial expressions or, God forbid, actual mouth movements to the songs because, I swear, since the day he was born, he has looked around at his fellow babies and toddlers and classmates and been all, "You guys are buying this? They're talking to us like we're babies, and we look dumb in these gowns." Which, I admit, made it easier on the emotions because his lack of them made it so damn funny. Even so, I love the gowns, I love the hand motions, and a piece of my heart feels a little busted up from the sentimentality of this chapter ending. But ONWARD is the anthem to this last year of my thirties. Guess who holds the pen to the sequel? Me. We're going to write some beautiful adventures in the next book. ❤️

Always looking for ways to ease her storm anxiety. Current plan: anticipating the fun we'll have in the puddles after the storm blows over. ❤️

I poured coffee and turned it on because everyone else was doing it and didn't expect to be so moved. And all I could think of was Diana and that little boy in her lap. How proud she'd be of him now and how so many of us in that kid-on-lap phase could never imagine not being there to witness their grown-up joy. Who watched the wedding? Meghan's bringing some SPIRIT to the royal family! The choirs, the speakers, the messages and feelings of LOVE. I know media can skew anything, but they really do seem so enthralled by each other, and it felt so beautiful and palpable--I felt honored to watch. ❤️ I got so into it!

I carried the dream of you in my heart my whole life, and the night you were born, I remember holding you, alone in the hospital room, just staring--completely unraveled by the intensity of my feelings. I was in awe--of how much I loved you, of how happy I was. Watching the magic that is you slowly unfold and take flight is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Your quiet observance of the world around you is your superpower, and the confidence that observant heart holds--although you may not feel its full strength yet--astounds me. You are going to do great things with that heart. Happy Birthday, my first love.

Just left middle school parent orientation and I'd like to report that May's deep emotion quota has been met. Cashed out. Done. And then Nella's teacher texted me that the sweetest little lovie boy in her class said today, "I hope Nella knows I love her with my whole heart." Dead. Done. Bye. 😭

Hellooooo from my office chair! (that rolled in dog poop this week, so I had to basically take the wheels apart to clean it). That tidbit of unnecessary information out of the way, what I really want to tell you is that I launched something into the world today that I've been dreaming of for a while, and I'm so excited to invite you to be a part of it this June. Ordinary Magic, a one-month online experience of connection and support to stir up all the good inside you that's been a little quiet because you've been taking care of everyone else. ❤️ You can be part of it from anywhere in the world, and you can stay in your pajamas. Read all about in profile.

May is CRAZY. And you know what? I love it. I don't know what day it is, there's so much on my to-do list, and I don't even care. We're just going to ride this crazy thing out and lean in to the mess that is getting a family through May. I love this mess, I love this family, and I love that we are writing the funny stories we will remember someday. I yelled so loud today, I actually stopped mid-sentence and started laughing so hard because I didn't know I could yell that loud. And then we were all laughing. "Did you hear that?!? Oh my God, that was me!" 😂 And the little critters my kids are holding in this pic? They're pretend pet rats. God bless this mess. I SMELL SUMMER. As much as the craziness all comes to a head this time of year, it feels a little bit like busy but with this acute awareness for so many people and things in life that I love, and prepping for a season of togetherness. Onward! Who wants a buttered hot dog bun and some bruised apples slices in their lunch tomorrow? Oh wait! I found a can of Christmas nuts in the back of the pantry! 💃🏻💃🏻 May school lunch powers unite!

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