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Catch-up on Nella's Barbies ongoing soap opera: Apparently, Paquel was mean to Kiki this week, but then they worked it out because they "went to Target" where Paquel bought Kiki some goldfish crackers and Nutella. Things took a turn though when they had a sleepover and Dash pulled Paquel’s leg off. 😳 New enjoying on the blog, link in profile.

First one to say "I wanna go night-night" every night. She loves to go to bed as much as I do. Is slipping into bed at night not one of the greatest joys of adulthood? 🌒

Aforementioned. What's the verdict? Too Joseph's dream coat? I could wear it to the fair this year. I think I like it. IT HAS POCKETS. (Brett just saw it on and said, "Hmmm. Not bad." I'm taking that as a yes.)

You know how I know my rainbow stripe addiction is getting out of hand? Because I ordered a skirt for myself that looks like it was sewn from a circus tent, and when I pulled it out of the package, Brett rolled on the floor laughing. 🍿🎪It was basically a clown costume. 😳 This girl though? She makes magic from rainbows.

My kids' unique personalities are pulsing so loudly lately, all needing me in such different ways--each equally important. How is it in parenthood that right when you feel like you're doing everything wrong, a moment comes (look for it) that tells you you're also doing everything right? 😍

Easiest party decorate with TRASH. Dash's Garbage Truck Party 🚛 on the blog this morning, link in profile.

God speed, Kiki. 😳

We made it to the beach by 7:45. Best way to wake up on the weekend. ❤️

Trash truck party today. But he's still adamant about remaining 3.

$5 toss pillow I couldn't pass up.

There's a fifth grade safety patrol at our school who has befriended Nella. He greets her every morning, guides her to her classroom and walks her to my car after school every day. We have a picture of him on our fridge with a letter he wrote Nella. He is kind and caring, and Nella talks about him every day. Tonight Nella had her kindergarten musical, and when it was over and I went to retrieve her, I saw the boy--her beloved buddy--holding a bouquet of flowers for her. His mom was standing next to him. "He told me we had to be here for her. He didn't want to miss it." 😭 You guys. The world is not going to hell in a handbag. When the fate of our world and its leaders looks grim, find hope in tomorrow's leaders who are already making their beautiful marks. (Also I taught 5th grade. If you have a 5th grader, it is a gem of a time--the precious intersection of vulnerability and innocence and maturity in the Venn Diagram of life. Mold them now.) And can we talk about that mom who gave up her evening to support her son's kindness? ❤️ Good night, friends. 😘

Beach shop. I cropped out the giant graffiti penis. You're welcome. Nella's pose though. 😂