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Kelle Hampton  writer, mother. I take a lot of pictures, with my camera and with my heart. Author of New York Times Bestselling memoir Bloom.

Max 🐡meets Isaac. Dinosaur emoji coming this June along with a breastfeeding mom, a hot pretzel, yogis, mountain climbers, a hedgehog and more! Next up: Princeton offers Emoji as an official major.

He's spoiled and loved beyond measure, but as the baby of a busy family and a kid who's fulfilling Round 3 of milestones, sometimes his preschool stuff doesn't exactly get the attention his sisters' more demanding projects get. Like maybe I don't remember to send his communication folder, like, ever. By the time we get through morning duties and I drop him off, sometimes my standards have basically sunk to: "Here he is, keep him alive. Cant find his lunchbox so there's a sandwich in a tied-off grocery bag, K bye." Tonight, I suddenly remembered we had the class monkey and it's due tomorrow along with a journal of the adventures he shared with Dash. The good light was gone for cute pictures, I was tired and prepared to half-ass it again, but then I remembered what a highlight the girls' adventures with their class animals were. Class animal journals? This is our thing. This is where we make up for tardies and grocery bag lunch boxes and folders that don't get signed. We go all out on class animal adventures, and our kids return from those weekends with journals tucked in their backpacks and butterflies in their stomach because they're that excited to share their stories. I couldn't fail him on this one. And how many more Max the Monkey journal opportunities are we going to get? So Max learned how to ride a bike tonight. Climbed so high in a palm tree, he had to be rescued. Stole the neighbor's bananas, had to sit in time out, snorkeled in the bathtub, ate dog food and liked it and is now snuggled next to a sleepy boy who, for a moment, believes that stuffed animals can come to life. The older I get, the more accepting I am of my shortcomings and the kinder I am to where I miss the mark in motherhood. Because the home runs are so good and make up for the rest. His lunch might be tied in a grocery bag tomorrow, but I'll be damned, there will be a journal tucked in his backpack with funny stories and pictures and an underlying message that he knows well by now...your communication folder might be empty, but goodness--child, you are loved. You are loved, you are loved, you are loved.

Kindergarten buds ❀️

After moving everything out of the house to get our floors done, I've moved only enough back in place that keeps the house clean and open. I'm going to do some serious gutting to deal with the rest because it can't go back. My brain feels too much like it's dancing in an open ballroom, and I want to keep it like that. Sophie claimed this room as her nursing home. Bless this old dog--tail still wags every day.

I feel like every failure and regret from my childhood would have been erased if I had just had these barrettes. I mean, come on. 😍 How the last place on earth we'd ever pick to spend a Friday night became our favorite place to spend a Friday night, thanks to years of traditions (that, let's be honest, include funnel cake). My fair lady (-s and gents) and the blog, link in profile.

Cut the hair. Gutted four rooms of clutter. Started a new journal. Bought two new house plants. Started a chore allowance plan for the kids. Planned a giant art party. Started drinking more water. Spring does things to me. Some things will fizzle, and that's okay...I love the energy in fresh starts and the fact that we can create them as often as we like.

Everyone's grouchy from staying up too late last night, but then there's music...always. πŸ˜’+🎼>πŸ’ƒπŸ»=πŸ˜„

Same picture every year, 4th year in a row. Lainey lost her first tooth on these fair grounds. So many family memories. ❀️

Almost asleep..."Mom?& #34;
"What?& #34;
"Did you know Latte has 6 boobs?"
"Yes . Go to sleep."

When you're having a shit day, babies help. (backed up into an oncoming car in the school parking lot for all to see πŸ˜“-minor damage but can't get rid of that sick feeling in my stomach) Can't get enough of @manringmemories new babies. Those πŸ‘£! 😍

She's teaching him how to read her guided reading books and takes great pleasure in correcting him.😜

I used to d.i.y. color my hair so much, you could stretch my ravaged hair like gum. 😳 Now, my main goal is healthy. But I still itch for change. Appointment tomorrow--darker, lighter, chop? So many choices. Hair diaries on the blog today with a @pura_dor coupon code for the best smelling products that keep my already fine hair from thinning. #purador #2minuteclub #ad @2minuteclub

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