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My dad came in for a quick visit to officiate a wedding but long enough to woo the children back into his Poppa trance. “When is Poppa going to be here?” “Is Poppa taking me to school?” “I want Poppa to do it.” It’s never a love is gratitude for an expansion of the great love I want my kids to know outside of me and Brett. And yes, we’re basically a haunted house up in here already. October cometh around the bend. 🍁 🍂 🎃

My workspace: my favorite candle; my marble coaster where I set my morning coffee and evening tea; the mug ring stain where I learned to use the coaster; my favorite quotes and art from people who inspire me; my journals; my photos of favorite moments; my books that help keep me motivated and put my inner critic in her place; my stack of work that challenges me and allows me to use my gifts; my pencil-scratched list of things I want to finish by the end of the year; my computer that connects me to work and people I love; my not-so-great-but-always-practicing drafts that remind me that creating something—even if it’s not great yet—is the requirement of becoming great; my pink chair that never fails to make me happy, affirming that loving pretty things is part of everyday magic; my kids’ toys behind me from when they wander in to be near me, the mark of abundant responsibilities and passions in life...exploring all of this together with a community of women this next month. Today’s the last day to register for Ordinary Magic. Link in profile with more details. ❤️

It’s a long story how this started, but basically one random Internet commenter who intended to shame inspired a dance dare intended to empower. We all desperately love someone with Down syndrome and pray for a future of “yes you can” for our kids when they excitedly tell us their big dreams for friendship and college and fulfilling jobs and love and inclusion—they share the same dreams of their siblings, their classmates and friends. We do hard things for the people we love, and sometimes we do silly things for them too. So today, we dance for them. In yellow leggings. Because you said you’d pledge money to @rubysrainbow to watch this silly thing and be a part of turning something mean into something beautiful. Friends, you raised over $14,000 which means Ruby’s Rainbow can give four more yeses this year. Four bright young adults with Down syndrome with dreams for higher education and decorating their dorm rooms and eating pizza on Friday night while studying for that biology quiz with their friends, will receive congratulatory letters next year, telling them that we believe in them—telling them that YOU believe in them—and that The Yellow Leggings Scholarship will help fund their way to a better future. Thank you for always being the best most supportive, loving community. Thank you @rubysrainbow and @eicherumba for enthusiastically embracing The Banana Suit (and thank you @girlfriend for making the sunniest most badass ensemble that started this whole thing!). And thank you @poppa143 for always being the dad who says “whatever you need” when I ask you for help, even if it means dancing to “It’s Raining Men” for 90,000 people, basically wearing tights. This is what we taught our kids today: Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small because you aren’t. You are vibrant, you are powerful, you contain multitudes, you can do anything. Put on something yellow and get out there and dance. We did it! (swipe to see all three videos. 😂). Want to celebrate with us? The donation link is in my profile. Every dollar matters and goes toward more “yes you cans”, more dreams come true.

So it happened. The Yellow Legging Dance that started several weeks ago when I posted a confidence-shaming Instagram comment (🙋🏼‍♀️hi Karen!) after I wore the Banana Suit and then wrote a small sermon about never letting our fear of other people’s perceptions of us keep us small. A friend followed up with a dance dare, said she’d donate $100 to @rubysrainbow if I did it, and being that three banana suits are better than one, I roped @rubysrainbow and @eicherumba into it, told my dad he had to do it too and then asked you all if you’d want to join in to help make this mean something more. If we’re going to shake our yellow butts, let’s at least do it to help send someone with big dreams to college. @girlfriend sent us legging sets, your pledges started coming in, and tomorrow I’ll post the Yellow Legging Dance here at noon. That gives you all time to help us make The Yellow Leggings Scholarship even bigger. If you can only give $5, then give $5. I promise it matters. And we have a donor who will match dollar for dollar, for the next 24 hours up to $1000. In the crowd watching today was a huddle of kids with Down syndrome...smiling and clapping and cheering us on. If only they knew, this is for them. ❤️ Click the link in stories to donate and come back tomorrow to watch and show the “Karens” of the world and most importantly, to show our kids that we don’t stay small for anyone.

As I've watched her grow, tastes have shifted and childish things are slowly packed up and put away, I love to see her hold on to her flair for fun and the wild little extras that make her who she is, often expressed in what she wears. Every birthday and holiday, the "What do you want?" question is always met with wide eyes and an enthusiastic "CLOTHES!" Little Miss had fun modeling her Wonder Nation ensemble--cozy jeggings (great for kids who find jeans uncomfortable!), a floral bomber jacket (they have so many cute ones this season!) and darling accessories (those cat ears!), all available @walmart. #sponsored #walmart #wondernation

Attention, attention. Today's blog post is sponsored by @BeatSyncLights which are twinkle lights that respond to music. You know how I feel about twinkle lights, so yes, this is a great professional accomplishment for me. With all the things in life that can weigh us down, I think the universe provides a toolbox of little pleasures that disperse joy and fun and a celebratory attitude that sings,"YAY! I'm ALIVE!" And in that toolbox—along with roller skates, puffy stickers, yellow shoes, waffles for breakfast, Katy Perry songs, things with melted butter and babies wearing bonnets—are TWINKLE LIGHTS. See them in action in stories, and then go check out today's post (heck yeah, I tied in Christmas). #ad #beatsynclights

Three girls, three days and 500 things we wanted to see in D.C. We managed to get through a D.C. sampler plate that left us feeling completely full...this trip will go in the books as such a special bonding memory. A smorgasbord of D.C. photos and what we loved most, on the blog today (so many were from your incredible recommendations here—you all are the best tour guides ever!).

What do best friends who have all their kids in school for the first time do with their mornings now? We create our own coffeehouse experience after drop-off to catch up, discuss all the things (fall!) and sip delicious coffees and lattes we can now make at home. Turns out, we make pretty good baristas thanks to the new Keurig® K-Latte™ Single Serve Coffee & Latte Maker, although we do fight over who gets to pour the froth (the best part). The little pleasures in life help make every new season meaningful. Swipe up in stories to get your own @Walmart for just $99! #brewthelove @Keurig #ad

Today they wanted to “walk streets and look at everything,” and Lainey continued her Nella photo shoots around the city. Even in the cities that offer the most museums, the most “attractions,” our favorite thing to do is always roam charming neighborhoods, watch interesting people and eat.

Last year, Lainey chose Eunice Shriver as the subject of her end-of-the-year Hall of Americans research project. Today, we had the honor of standing in Eunice’s office, left just as it was when she died nine years ago, and spending time with Tim Shriver who continues the incredible work she began—work that improves the lives of so many individuals and families like ours. I drank in every detail—every photograph (sooo many!), every knick-knack (soooo many!), every gift given to Eunice that she displayed between medals and awards and countless books. Among photos of famous dignitaries and family members were just as many of the athletes she loved and served. And the one that broke my heart the most, one that likely fueled the fire within Eunice to serve and love as she did, was a framed letter behind her desk—a letter a young student wrote to her parents begging them to help her be smarter because she didn’t know why school was so hard for her and didn’t like being called names. In elementary penmanship, the pencil written letter pleaded for more friends, for more understanding and for help to do better. “I don’t want to be retarded,” it read. Tim told us his mother rarely cried, but that letter did it. ❤️I’m feeling so grateful for the work that was done before us and inspired to follow.

Hotel bathroom spa. I could zoom in on that smile and get drunk off it. ❤️ @tessa_dale

Brett just texted “Are they making some good sister bonding memories?” and I texted back 22 new favorite photos.

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