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Ellery Kemner  Not for the casual observer. Engage, think, feel; I mean what I make. Oh, and gym selfies are probably on my story. 📍CHI/ MKE 📩DM for promos/collabs

I know how this goes, and I know how this ends, and I’m ready to do it all over again.
Go ahead, light me up.
📸 @zachgthomas
This cigarette is a prop to achieve symbolism of repetitive destruction; I do not encourage nor condone smoking.

It is so amazingly healthy to be bored. Try putting your phone down and see how it feels to generate unique thoughts.
📸 @camerachase

Toxic Waste
📸 @dia.late

1. What do you do? // I’m a student at Marquette University studying Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Philosophy.
2. Share something most of us don’t know about you. // I grew up on a mini farm (chickens turkeys and pigs, oh my!)
3. What’s one thing you like and one thing you don’t like about yourself? // One thing I like is that I’ve never been afraid of standing up to a bully. One thing I don’t like is my hips. I feel like they’re too wide for my frame 😅
4. What’s your pet peeve? // I really dislike when people say “idk” before or after stating their opinion.
5. Who’s your IG crush? // right now it’s @aquarianroses
1. Post any photo
2. Put your answers in the caption
3. Tag at least three people to do the same!
I tag @_tomborges @dia.late @clairetlindsey
Also, I actually had a caption for this shot too and it would be a shame to let it go to waste:
Is that jumpsuit felt? No?
Do you want it to be?
📸 @zachgthomas

It is interesting that art is almost exclusively described as the expression of emotion, because I can walk into a shoot with an open mind and walk away feeling angry, sexy, powerful, powerless, exhilarated, exhausted... Art is not only the expression of emotion, it is also the creation of it.
📸 @camerachase
What is your favorite way to create?

Ask and you shall receive.
📸 @shotbyvic 🍾 @hrhchicago
I did a poll last night about whether you wanted the weird shots I take or the normal ones. Overwhelmingly, the results said WEIRD STUFF! So, here’s the visual representation of my emotions on 10.14.2017.
What’s something weird about you?

Try more or I’ll care less.
Photographer: @zachgthomas
Fashion Stylist: @dnunezz
Hair: @geribeth23

Done by desire.
Model: @edward.joseph17
Photographer: @doriangrayphoto
Stylist/director: @etkemner

(I’ve been trying for weeks to think of a caption that describes “happiness”. But every poetic explanation or pun I come up with can’t do it justice; it’s meaningful and pure just the way it is and I will only water down its beauty by adding more words to this caption-soup).
📸 @shotbyvic
🍾 @hrhchicago
What is something (or who is someone) that makes you truly happy?

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