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Building the Tiny House  tips & inspiration to help you plan & build your tiny house. Read by 80k+ each month. @reclaimarbor 🌲 siding giveaway 👉🏼

Here’s a little before and after from the amazing @shed_tinyhouse using @reclaimarbor peel and stick siding to create a beautiful, light weight, barnboard accent wall. I’ve teamed up with ReclaimArbor to give away 5 boxes of siding ($1395 value!). Enter to win 👉🏼 🔗 link in bio!

#tinyhouseliving #tinyhousematerials #reclaimedwood #tinyhouselove #tinyhouseonwheels #tinyhousesbytinyhousers 📷 by @shed_tinyhouse

This is the Anchor Bay, a 16 foot tiny house on wheels designed by my guest on the 🎧 #tinyhouselifestylepodcast today, Michael Janzen. In our wide-ranging conversation, we talk about how YOU can get started designing a tiny house no matter your skill level. You’ll learn some tiny house movement history, all about tiny house trailers, and more. 👉🏼Link in Bio! @tinyhousedesign
#tinyhousedesign #tinyhousepodcast #tinyhouseshow #sketchup #tinyhouselifestyle

Day 1 of my #tinyhousebuild was June 4th, 2012. This is the custom 22’ flatbed #trailer I bought from @suretractrailers . There were no “tiny house trailers” in 2012. (Notice the rounded fenders and random channel running front to back). Still, I was so nervous and excited with the possibility of it all!

#tinyhousesbytinyhousers #tinyhousebuildseries #vermonttinyh#vermonttinyhouse

This is Little Yellow, the tiny house built by my guest on today’s show, @ellaharp. Ella was an early blogger in the tiny house movement, and was an early inspiration for me while I was building my own house. “The tiny house was the only way I was going to be able to do anything with my music. So really, the tiny house is responsible for my greater happiness and career now, which is pretty much full time music”. – Ella Dawn Jenkins

Link to the show in my bio! #tinyhouselifestylepodcast #tinyhouselifestyle #tinyhousesbytinyhousers #tinyhousemusicians

This tiny house is called Aubergine, and her owner is @miranda.aisling. This week on the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, we chat with Miranda about finding and creating a community filled with art, tiny house festivals, and learn what it takes to build a tiny house with your MOTHER. 👉🏼Link in Bio.
#tinyhouselifestylepodcast #tinyhouseliving #tinyhousecommunity #tinyhouseart #tinyhousedwellers #podcast #tinyhousepodcast

Spring at the #tinyhouse is the best! This is from June of last year. I can’t wait to see all the lupins again after such a long cold winter 🌨️! #tinyhouselifestyle #tinyhouseliving #tinyhousesbytinyhousers #vermonttinyhouse #lupins #flowers #springtime

It’s finally here! Introducing the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast! Featuring conversations with tiny house luminaries so you can plan, build, and live the tiny life. 🎧 Listen at

#podcast #tinyhouselifestylepodcast #tinyhouselifestyle

A 💡 at the end of the tunnel. The #snow got deep this week at the #tinyhouse!
#tinyhousewinter #tinyhousevermont #tinyhousesbytinyhousers #tinyhouselifestyle

I’ve been seeing some sweet #shippingcontainerhomes lately and got curious about the process for creating one yourself. In my latest post, I’ll break down all the steps to converting your very own shipping container to a #tinyhouse. Link ⛓️ in bio!

Spring is right around the corner. Once the weather warms up, this is how we dry our laundry at the #tinyhouse #vermonttinyhouse #tinyhouselaundry #tinyhousesbytinyhousers

Grateful that winter has returned the #tinyhouse

Thanks to @reclaimarbor for sending me a sample of their awesome peel-and-stick barn board! This stuff is super easy to use, and is made from actual reclaimed wood, so it doesn’t just *look* real. I decided to spruce up the area behind my desk with a barn board accent wall. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes. This stuff would be AWESOME in a #tinyhouse, since it’s super light weight (each plank is only 1/8” thick). They are having a huge sale right now too- check out for more. 🌲➡️🏠👍🏼 #tinyhousedesign #tinyhousedecor #tinyhousewoodwork #tinyhousewalls #reclaimedwood #reused #salvagedwood

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