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Ethan Hackett  I like movies and tea ☕️

Fast food with tranquil views 🍟

Oh buoy, that was a good sunset ⛵️

A buzzard above my house. I just hope it doesn’t turn up at the front door and expect food like the pheasants already do 🏠

Inside the Great Hall of Penrhyn Castle. That golden circle on the floor is a vent from the fires below which provided some underfloor heating. What an industrious bunch of Victorians 🎩

I’ve not been here since I did a week of work experience during my school days. I was so bad at the job that I was banished to the dungeon. (Not really) 🗝 @danielcharleskerry @eviejanejones @emmacrichards

Last week’s filming location. This is one of the last churches in North Wales to be lit only by candlelight. I couldn’t decide if it was cosy or spooky on my own 👻

I’m running out of steam this Monday. I think this place will have some for me 💪🏼

It’s official, we’ve become National Trust members 🏰

In 1403, Henry V ordered that no Welsh people should enter the city before sunrise or stay after sunset on pain of decapitation. I’ll just stick to afternoon visits I think 🗡

Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-ee 🏘

Catching the morning sun in Chester before all of the shoppers arrive 🚶🏻‍♂️

You have to love antique shops, especially if one is called an ‘Emporium’ 🎩

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