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eTceTera 🍎  Holiday Collection 17’


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One of the staple in any Lo-Head's closet is this sweatsuit. If nothing it's Christmas morning and day all summed up into one outfit. Cozy is the objective here. This isn't Full Fleece - this is washed brushed and over-dyed mid-weight cotton meant for fresh out of the shower relaxing. Available This Saturday with Delivery 2 of our Holiday 17’ Collection. 11AM PST
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Everybody works with Ebbets. That's a fact and if you don't - you want to - also a fact. Some of the techniques they use and the timeless history the company holds and they recreate are reasons the are a staple in our culture. The Japanese have embraced the Americana production value so much they've been selling it back to us for decades through brands like Ebbets!! That is why it's so important for us to understand and work with heritage companies like Ebbets and Filson: 1. To pay homage per usual & 2: Make certain those companies understand they are where we want to be. This is the first of Forever. eTc x EFF coming SOON. #eTc #eTcTacoma #eTcxEBBETS

eTc Anti Weather Jacket available online and In-Store now! 💨❄️
#eTc #eTcTacoma #Club907

Available Tomorrow! 11AM PST

The story goes like this, Coach P and Neon Dion were on South Tacoma Way during a photo journey and P stops to take a photo of the Tea Cup shaped building he's seen all his life but isn't quite sure it is. After posting the photo and getting a solid response the his photo is picked up by (Insert the IG) and it becomes a popular photo. 3 years later, new camera in hand P decides to update his photo catalog of the infamous Tea Cup shaped Java Jive. This time enhancing some the legacy via his new photo including the truck and tighten vantage. We inserted the Tacoma stamp over the photo to tie together there branding with ours. We still ShootTheT.
#eTc #eTcTacoma #eTcHoliday17 #Club907

Holiday 17’ releases online and in-store tomorrow. 11AM PST. DONT SLEEP! It’s all in the Details. THANK YOU TACOMA!
#eTc #eTcTacoma #eTcHoliday17 #Club907

12/9/17- In recent years super heroes have risen once again to a position of dominance in the imagination of humans young and old. It was Watchmen that really jogged the memory of how intertwined into the real world heroes can be and that they don't need to be X-Men in order to get the job done. Our Dome Shield is a flip of Captain America, a man enhanced by those around him and carrying the weight and responsibility of providing a service to his homeland. He brandished a shield with the American flag on it to represent his efforts. Our hero does the same only his priorities begin and end where the Dome is home. Holiday 17’- Available This Saturday 11am PST
#eTc #eTcTacoma #eTcHoliday17 #Club907

Available This Saturday. 🌲🌲🌲
Sasquatch by eTceTera was one of the early ideas we had when we starting building out ways to make, big foot, the yetti or as we like to call him the Sasquatch our own. He's an urban legend in our region and he's a figure that we felt has been misrepresented. The myths would have you think he can’t understand our way of life. The stories told are that he's been dodging us instead of attempting to integrate into our society. We see it differently, there are many moods of the Sasquatch he's cool he's just misunderstood and underrepresented a lot like Tacoma and the PNW. Meet Club907 Sasquatch he's from Tacoma and well versed in glass art history, enjoys long walks on Ruston, eats Fish House once a week and gets buckets on the hardwood. Holiday 17’ collection releases 12/9/17. IN-STORE & ONLINE
#eTc #eTcTacoma #eTcHoliday17 #Club907

We really had to rely on our Art Director this Holiday collection and like so many times before he delivered. Kevin showed how much he understands and cares for our love of flips turning admiration into inspiration may be the skillset he's acquired and become most adjusted too since he became 1/3 of the 3 headed monster that is eTceTera. His illustration style and attention to detail are unmatched in our humble opinion. Frost Bites '17 builds further on our Sasquatch motif welding it to pop culture icons. The collection is very T centric (Tacoma) and that is always the focus with our Holiday collection spreading the Tacoman culture taking a little rarewear from here and putting it everywhere - under every tree, in every stocking. 12.09.2017 we are providing the Holiday cheer with Frost Bites '17 - it's your job to spread it. Happy Holiday Season ya'll!! (Stop squinting so hard you could pop a blood vessel) #eTc #eTcTacoma #Club907 #eTcHoliday17

Holiday 17’ Collection Releases Online and in-store 12/9/17.
#eTc #eTcTacoma #Club907 #eTcHoliday17

#eTc #eTcTacoma #Club907 #eTcHoliday17

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