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From the other day at our favorite place. The sunset was amazing but the mosquitoes were not. Mom of the year over here, I of course forgot to grab the bug spray. I swear I always forget something, can anyone else relate!? It’s been bittersweet to see summer slowly coming to an end.

When your child doesn’t have school for the day and your thoughts are, “how in the world are we going to get through today”. So much fighting already between the girls and it’s only the afternoon. My patience is running thin and I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow is a new day. This crazy day will be over by tomorrow and we get a new start.

~Quotes from Libby:
Today as she was looking at herself in the mirror she put on a pouty face and said “I don’t want to be human, I just want to be a kitty.” Goodness this girl is constantly cracking us up.

Picking some and saving some to continue growing.
We’re ready for you fall! What’s your favorite thing about The autumn season?
And I’m dying over these cute Mary Jane shoes by @smalllotco We want them in every color!

Growing in nicely, now what to do with them? They have seeds so I’m thinking maybe some grape juice!
#grapevine #grapes

Collecting apples from our trees and cleaning up all the leftovers from the deer and their new found snack. I think this time of year is my favorite. We’re anxiously waiting to wear all our knits, tights and all things fall! Glad we found these leather shoes by @monpetitshoes that transition from summer to Autumn so well!

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Fresh beauties from the garden and one of the few non messy surfaces in my house. Having Bryn start school has kicked our butts, but I have to say we like the structure. Having a schedule and finally a daily routine was the kick in the pants we needed. Bryn has been much happier as well as she looks forward to going to school each day. She totally surprised me and I thought for sure that it would be a bit of a struggle to get her to school each day, but she basically ~R U N S~ as we walk to school.

There’s a story that goes with this picture- This little one is SO difficult when it comes to Sunday’s and church. I can’t help but laugh when I think of what we must look like to all the other people attending church. Sitting still and being quite is not her cup of tea. So like normal I was walking the halls with her to get that energy out and then it turned into walking around the outside of the church. Hey anything to get through it, right! After feeling so defeated and frustrated that she struggles with being good on Sundays we passed one of my favorites- the Anemone hupehensis flowers. I thought hey, let’s take a photo and instantly thought well, this isn’t going to work out because she doesn’t hold still for that sort of thing either. But she did hold still and I was able to get this gem of a photo. Then my heart instantly melted into a puddle and I couldn’t be mad anymore at that cute face. I may have even teared up and gotten a little emotional because she’s my baby and she’s not a baby anymore. As much as she can push my buttons all she has to do is flash a little smile or say something cute and all is forgotten. Being her mom isn’t the easiest but it sure is worth it.

All that charm though! Sifting through old vacation photos..

Bryn started school this week! I was so nervous for her but she’s totally in her element. She tells me everything she learns each day and is so good at doing her homework as soon as she gets home. She does so much better when she’s in school and has a consistent routine. She’s an early riser and is like her dad who is ready to go, go, go as soon as she’s up. She at one point even told me that she was having so much fun learning that she didn’t want to come home for the day. I hope her love for school stays! She blows me away constantly with her amazing memory and her ability to learn things extremely quick. And if you watched my stories this morning you can see that Libby isn’t so thrilled to drop her older sister off each day. She wants to be like her older sister so much and keeps reminding me that when she turns three she can go to school just like sister.

I’ve had a lot of questions about what we use to help our kids learn how to work in our home. So I thought I would share a great chore chart and system that has been working really great for my girls. We’ve put it to the test to make sure it actually passes the kids test. I have to say it’s a relief to have some organization in this area, something that’s cute ( those wooden tiles! Come on, I’m sold!) and that actually works for my girls. I just wanted to share the shop who made these: @mydaughterflorence_ for others who might be looking for something like this to incorporate in their homes! I know how intimidating and hard it can be to get in the groove of teaching our kids how to work. It’s fun to watch them become so proud of all the small tasks their accomplishing daily.

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