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Stop growing like a weed, kid! Growing up is a trap. I promise! 😭 #babiesdontkeep #notababyanymore

Being vulnerable and sharing my life here in this space doesn’t come easy to me. I’m a private person who will never be the type that documents every second of my life with you. I share highlights and memories so I can later look back and print these photos. So wanting to share what’s in my mind and heart is not easy today. I feel compelled that I should share a part of my past, my journey in the last two years as I’ve had to re-discover me. I feel that sharing my experience will not only help me to heal, but to help others realize that I’m human. I have faults and many imperfections. And maybe it might bring hope and help to others who have struggled with this same thing. Two years ago (after the birth of Libby) I was in a really dark place. In a dark pit that seemed impossible to climb out of. Not until I looked back on that time did I realize that I was suffering from Postpartum depression. I denied it. I brushed it off, I felt that If it was true then that meant I was weak. I have always had a high pain tolerance- with physical pain and mental pain and unfortunately I keep that inside me. I didn’t want to admit it but It was breaking me. It was taking me into it’s very palms and crushing me into a fine dust until there was hardly anything left. I didn’t know who this person I had become was? I was angry with God and I felt abandoned and alone. I felt that my yolk was hard and that my burdens were heavy. I felt unbearable amounts of guilt as I knew this time in my life should be a happy one. After all I had just carried and delivered a healthy baby. Add all the insomnia from not one but two kids now and the fact that my husband was gone and hardly around. (My trooper of a husband was working full time, going to school full time and serving in our church.) He was stretched thin with his time as it was and I didn’t want to inconvenience him any further with my problems. Long story short, I never got the help that I should have. My pride was far greater than my humility to realize I needed help. Now two years later, luckily...I’m stronger than I ever was as I continue to heal old wounds. *Continued in comments below 👇🏼

Missing that beach life. 🔆 We’re Itching for our upcoming travels. Now If only that time could speed up! I’m already think of ideas for next year and would love to hear your favorite places to visit that are family friendly. Also what places are your favorite for just you and your spouse?

Running out of ideas to keep the kids preoccupied today with the cold and snowy weather. Come back spring temps! 😫
What are your favorite indoor activities with your little ones? I could use all the help with ideas!

Currently craving all the sweets this morning. 😋
Fun fact- I’ve had the same best friend since I was literally 2 years old. Sarah is one of those people who I knew was put into my life for a good reason. I know that god placed us together to find each other because we needed one another. She just gets me and understands how I think and feel. I’ve always considered her my sister that was somehow born into a different family. I can’t wait till we’re a bunch of crazy old ladies causing trouble!

Even though their pretty good at tormenting each other daily, Some times they actually can enjoy playing nicely. It’s rare but it does happen!
Beautiful clothes by: @paulinkakids

Crossing my fingers that spring and it’s warmer temperatures will come soon! Who’s with me!? Loving this color inspiration and photo 📷 by @robyn.parker

This little one has so much personality jam packed into one tiny human. I’m serious...those who have met her in person would understand why I say that! 😆She’s our easy going girl who goes with the flow. She’s our independent child who usually is off exploring by herself and could care less if she had someone with her by her side. She’s always from a young age been nicknamed our little goat. She’s a bottomless pit that will eat ANYTHING. Mom still has problems with her eating non food items as well. She’s my healthy gal who likes to stick to her fruits and veggies most of the time. Dinner time is a struggle, she enjoys sitting on mom or Dads lap rather than eating off her own plate. She has a real tender heart and is always concerned about the feeling of those around her. She’s a total people pleaser and is happiest when she’s getting praised by Mom, Dad or others. She can be a real trouble maker who’s extremely curious about everything around her. She’s currently potty training herself and is obsessed with washing her hands alllllll day!
Life is so much better with her in it!

Surprises mom every day with how intelligent and bright she is beyond her years. She truly loves learning and is a sponge that soaks it all in. She has an amazing memory which can be a good and bad thing for Mom and Dad who forget that they say/promise certain things. She has the prettiest blue eyes that reminds mom everyday of her great grandpa. She can be a terrible tease to her little sister. She loves the snow and wishes it would be a winter wonderland outside every day! She loves music and likes to sing a long. She loves art and is getting better and better at it every day with her practice and precision. She’s one hundred percent a daddies girl and I don’t blame her because he’s pretty great. She’s a sensitive girl with lots, I mean LOTS of emotions! We sure love her!

Lots of this going on this week. 👆🏼 We’ve really been lucky this winter with hardly having sick kids but it’s finally catching up with one of us. #poorbryn #ajjxgathre

Flash back to California and that weather! 👌🏼 Now someone wake me up when it’s summer time!

Always better together.

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