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Estelle Kay  TX, y'all || ❣️ Family, friends, fitness, and a whole lot of love. #heartwrittenonmysleeves dropping 8/19 πŸ“•

2012 - 2014 - Present ft. Ling Ling

Went from having no booty, to a shorts tan line with a lil booty, and now here we are today where I am now ripping all my resistance bands (rip to my lil homies). It does not happen over night and I can say that even 'getting it from the back' and alla dat, your booty can only get so big πŸ˜‚ I ain't no expert or anything that's for sure, but.. Hit them weights and EAT aight 🀘🏿 #transformationtuesday#makemefeelsometypeofway

@bigkrit βœ”οΈ @kendricklamar βœ”οΈ = Happy


Got to see my one of favorite rappers live and had the best experience (both rappers crossed off my list πŸ€—)! Thankful I was able to experience a memorable concert with a few of my favorite people πŸ–€ #makemefeelsometypeofway #theDAMNtour

When you've found a nice b00ty, so you gotta thank the b00ty gods for blessing you πŸ€€πŸ‘ #makemefeelsometypeofway #thxalie4thapicmans

Thank you, @greatwhitesuk, for helping me maintain my whites with this activated charcoal! Did I mention that it is 100% NATURAL and FLUORIDE free!? How awesome is that!? 😁✨ #makemefeelsometypeofway #ad #getchusomefam

Happy Independence Day, y'all! β€οΈπŸ’™ Wouldn't want to get sun burnt with anyone else! #makemefeelsometypeofway #tanhasaniceb00ty #sausagefest #iamsuperburnt #ripannassandals

Happy 25th Birthday to my cousin, Marisa! Here's to cheap car insurance and being able to rent stuff now! I would not get 60 people into a place while 60+ angry faces look at me for anyone else but you πŸ™ƒβœ¨πŸŽ‚ #makemefeelsometypeofway

Anyone have any tips as to how to get rid of backne? Aside from that, excuse the scars and pimps! Been working hard on my back and I'm pretty content with how it's coming. I still can't do an actual pull up, but I'll get there eventually maybe ish eh 😬 #makemefeelsometypeofway #notabootypicforonce

How our patients see us vs. How we really are πŸ˜‚ #makemefeelsometypeofway #lovemygirls

This is the person who first introduced me to anime (Dragon Ball) and taught me how to draw Goku's hair on a purple mouse pad. So talented, so funny, and so loving. Thanks for being a part of our lives, cousin. I can't believe it's been a whole year without you.. We love you and miss you so much!

Happiest of birthdays to one of the most beautiful souls on this planet. Hello, 20-fineee! Thank you for being you and thank you for either beating me in COD or letting me be top 3. I'm so blessed to be able to call you my friend! I love you! ❀️ #makemefeelsometypeofway #cheapcarinsurance

Today, I laid my resistance band to rest.. because they ripped on me smh ☹️ Other than that, I had an awesome bi, back, and leg day! Check out these leggings I got from @forwardathletics at #europadallas! What I love about them is that they hug me in all the right places and aren't as expensive as the leading brand! Thank you, @albertcerda, for putting me on these! I love them so much! Go treat yoself and getchu a pair, ladies! πŸ’ͺ🏿😜#bootypumplol #makemefeelsometypeofway #forwardathletics

Reminder to all my ladies:

Life is not a competition to get on top. She graduated? Good for her. She's engaged? Good for her. She got a promotion? Good for her. She's traveling? Good for her. Because you aren't currently doing one of these things and/or more does not make you less successful or important.
Everyone has their own path that they're taking. Remember, this is not a race. Life is different for everyone! Being supportive of one another makes this world a much different place. Love one another and help each other grow.
Happy Friday and remember ladies, fix your crown and help fix ya girls' crowns too. πŸ‘‘ #heartwrittenonmysleeves releasing 8/19 πŸ“•

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