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Estelle  TX #TeamSohn @joneseliteathletes @usnfit Athlete - “ESTELLE20” @epfitness_apparel Athlete - “ESTELLE10”

Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool✌🏿 S/o to my pops for always taking my pictures for me lmaooo #1DAD #makemefeelsometypeofway #allsummer18 #ittybittytitty

Happy times w/ you by my side ✨ #makemefeelsometypeofway #tbt #lesbihonest #loml

A while back, I lost my best friend in the most tragic car accident I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes. A crushed up car with an arm hanging out, half of his skin torn off, and a man inside grasping onto the last moments of his life.. my brother. His last words to our mother were, “Be sure Estelle grows up okay and tell her that I love her”. Not a day goes by where my heart doesn’t ache, but he is my motivation as to why I need to keep loving and living. Not only for myself, but for the both of us.
I miss and love you so so so much ❤️👼🏽 #makemefeelsometypeofway #mybestfriendforever

If you’re tired of starting over, STOP giving up. Continue on striving for greatness, y’all! •

As you all know, I was planning on competing in Europa Dallas here in a few weeks, but due to a few circumstances and talks with my coach @team_sohn, I am resigning from that show and will be doing the @johnnieojackson Johnnie O. Classic in August. I decided to do a 17 week cut and honestly, I never thought I’d see myself where I am now. I don’t ever back out of anything that I do unless there’s a reasonable reason as to why I have/need to.. but I know a 2-day show will take a huge toll on my body especially with this being my first show along with other blocks in my way at the moment. I do plan on competing in Europa next year after I’ve gained experience from the shows I plan on doing this year. Again, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been by my side throughout this entire prep and I hope y’all continue on spreading the love with others as well. I’m fired up for this next prep and will be coming back better, stronger, and more hungry. I’m not backing down and losing was never an option.. so here’s to August 🏆
Angles and curves: @d_wrek
#makemefeelsometypeofway #teamsohn #npcbikini

You my right hand, you my go to. 💕
Love everything about you 👯‍♀️ You my boo @c_winnn #lesbihonest #makemefeelsometypeofway

Congratulations, Alie! 💚 #makemefeelsometypeofway #criminaljustice #goons

Sad I didn’t take pictures of myself at the beginning of my prep since my phone was always broken, but here’s an update as to where I currently am.

April 9 - May 3 - May 9
Isn’t it crazy what a month and a week a part can look? A lot of people have been asking me lately as to how I got into fitness, how I get motivated to get up and go to the gym, and what is it that is driving me to compete along with many other questions. My answer to all of it is.. I enjoy a challenge. To never back down has always been a motto of mine since I first started playing sports as a child. To see progress, to see growth, to see ME become a BETTER person is what I strive for.
Everyone has their “why” and in the fitness world, my “why” is me, myself, and I. Even on days I feel like giving up, even on days that are raining, and even on days where I feel as if the entire world is sitting on my shoulders.. I get up and head to the gym to remind myself that: 1) I wasn’t raised to be a quitter 2) I’ve worked so hard and have come this far 3) I love the feeling after a good work out 4) I want to look damn good naked 🤫

At the end of the day, it is your life and you choose how you want to live it. Do what makes YOU happy - mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Remember, it all starts with YOU! Trust the process, y’all! #makemefeelsometypeofway #npcbikini #teamsohn

Do it all for you and all that is meant to be will follow. Being happy never felt so good, y’all!!!! Side note: when you get your brows microbladed, they start peeling like crazy. S/o to the boo @dirtydoobie for the new brows. Can’t wait to get them touched up for the final product! 💕#makemefeelsometypeofway #browsbydirtydoobie

Always better together 💕 #makemefeelsometypeofway

Sweet dreams are made of this 😏 😘#makemefeelsometypeofway #lovemygirls #a1day1 #dimes

Whose dad is this??? I get my dance moves from him tho lmaooo #makemefeelsometypeofway

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