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ΞSTΞLLΞ ᗷA̲ṀᗷA  Curly ass lost in 🇩🇪... Mixed 🇨🇵/🇬🇵 I'm a snack and I wanna be treated as such ☝🏾

Hi there you guys 🦁 hope you having a nice weekend ☕ about to kick my bum at the gym, making some thoughts today, trying to stay positive and to keep it up.
Some weak moments but keeping in mind that although Im sometimes feeling like I'm not able to make it for myself, there are some great people out there I care about and who need me to be strong. This is sometimes the only one thing that stops me from screwing it up.
What's your secret to being strong when you're feeling weak?
#locken #lockig #curl #coffeegirl #mixedgirl #cutties

Eine Goldlöckchen, die sich schon mit einem einzigen Bären zufrieden geben kann 🐻☝🏾

#locken #lockig #curl #coffeegirl #mixedgirl #cutties

Great make up session w/ make up artist @___al_mina 😍

How many fights left to prove that I am worth it ?

Let's hope for the best

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of content. New shooting projects are coming soon so... Hopefully nice pictures too 🍓


I give up. I suck at it. I'm not making a good use of it.
Boy I don't even know how come I got the driving licence for it...
Or can someone else take the lead ?
I'm unable to run this thing. I wanna get rid of it. I bump into every obstacles.
I had about 45 light to medium accidents with it.

I dont know what to do with this body of mine.
Dyou know to whom I should return it to ?
Or I mean... Where am I now supposed to drop it now ?
But no worries I will join the guarantee with ... I kept it.

And with the keys, full tank... I promise.

How to break up with your girlfriend in 64 easy steps. .
Phase 1 : The build up
Get a girlfriend. Be together for a while. Know you gonna be together forever. Assume you gonna be together forever. Start to wonder if you really are gonna be together forever. Start having sex a lot less often. Wonder if you drifting apart. Have an argument about her parents. Have an argument about your parents. Have no idea who she is speaking to on the phone. Notice other girls have been looking you over. Start complaining to your friends a lot. Have an argument about your job. Have an argument about your clothes. Have an argument about valentines day. Have an argument about a frying pan. Break up. .
Phase 2 : The second childhood
Feeling of relief. Feeling of anticipation. Feeling of adventure. Feeling of light stomach. Start going to a lot of parties. Rediscover all the music you like. Start dating people casually. Have a one night stand with a girl you met on the bus. Start making plans for your new future. Receive a drunk call from your ex while on the way home from a party. Meet at her place for a drink. Have sex. .
Phase 3 : The back together
Talk about how much you've grown. Talk about how much you've missed each other. Talk about how things are better now than before. Spend at least one holiday looking at the stars on the roof of your appartment building. Sort of miss the feeling of freedom, but that's ok.  Sort of miss the feeling of adventure, but that's ok. Sort of miss the music you were listenning to, but that's ok. Start to not having sex as often again, and thats not quite so ok. Have a small argument about a movie. Have a medium argument about money. Have a large argument about environmental responsability. Have an insane argument that you can never really figure out what it was about. Break up.

Love the curls. Respect the curls. Treat them well. Be good to the curls. Feed them with love coco and monoï. They will be nice to you back 💕

Je suis indécise, handicapée. Je sais pas comment faire avec cette vie. Mais j'ai des gros bras. Ca aide ?

Choisir qui être pour le restant de ses jours mais manque de pot j'y ai jamais trop vraiment bien réfléchi avant... Autour de moi il y a ceux qui savent. Et moi je ne sais rien. Je regarde autour. Les gens eux ont l'air de savoir. Les gens ont l'air d'avancer.
Je vois trop de choix. Trop de possibilités. Et pas de garantie.
Le flou.

Emotionally unavailable. The rollercoaster ride is over. Doors locked 🔒No more feelings into play.

Have you ever felt this way ?
Its scary.

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