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Essy Park 🌹 박재희  #MentalHealthAwareness Owner/Designer at 📍Los Angeles, CA 📩 Codes: "ESSY20" @Valfre

That’s Peachy 🍑
Another pic from the @toshikigirl shoot! Her berets are so damn adorable💕✨

Fun fact: I shot a music video in front of this very market 😂 and I’ve also been market shopping here with my mum since I was a child!
Top & Pants by @fashionnova

Walk to the beat of your own drum!
This set is so f-ing perfect 💛✨
Outfit by @lovetootrue

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you, if you allow it.” Things have been looking up! I’m so grateful that I’ve found my path, and that I’ve found friends who I can truly see being in my life forever. Positive people can change your entire life, so surround yourself with them. 🖤✨
Wearing @fashionnova

“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.”

It’s been hot as HECK 😓
My makeup legit melted off of my face the other day... why LA, why?! Top: @lovetootrue
Skirt: @unzzystore
💛 Use code “ESSY10” for 10% off at @unzzystore

See ya at the next @animeexpo 💛✨
I had the chance to come back for the last day~ it was nice seeing and meeting all y’all!
Beret/Shirt @toshikigirl
Shoes @publicdesire

Jaded Gang had a good time at @animeexpo 🤘 We’re thinking about getting a booth next year 🤔
We all be wearing the “RBF” Tee

If you’re attending @animeexpo this weekend, stop by to visit @toshikigirl in Exhibit Hall 3617! 💛
Sadly, It’ll be my first year not being able to go all 4 days, but I’ll be there TOMORROW! ✨✨
📸 @hikarinohana_

Porange locks by @colorbychristina 🧡
She literally got the exact color I wanted 💯
(I feel blessed) it’s a mix of pink + orange~
Happy 4th! I’m wearing red ❤️🇺🇸 No party plans, but I’ll be getting kbbq tonight so I’m happy with just that 😆

Yes, I have an arm... it’s hiding behind all this hair 😂🧡 (hair selfie coming soon 😏)
Hair @colorbychristina
Skirt @lovetootrue 📸 @sensitive.thugg

I’m bringing the Avril look back 🖤✨
I used to be obsessed with her in grade school...take me back to the “Complicated” days 😆
Pants @hottopic / @royalbones

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