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Essy Park 🌹 박재희  #MentalHealthAwareness Owner/Designer at @jaded.la 📍Los Angeles, CA 📩essypark@gmail.com Free Therapy 👇


I’ve had SO much brain fog lately, it’s been hard to focus. Brain fog can be a sign of mental illness— it was my first sign of depression. When I feel the brain fog coming on, it’s my mind’s way of telling me to start taking better care of myself. If you have a mental illness, you have to work on yourself every damn day or you risk falling apart. Therapy can be expensive and hard to commit to at first, but I’ve partnered with @BETTERHELP for any of you that are struggling mentally or emotionally, or even if you just want someone to talk to. It’s an online therapy and counseling service that works with licensed professionals to help you through the convenience of your computer or phone. If you sign up through me, you get 1 WHOLE WEEK of therapy for free! You can even start your therapy session through their phone app. It’s less pressure than actually going into a stranger’s office, and it’s hella convenient. I urge any of you who are interested to at least give it a try. It’s free for a week, after all. The first step to getting help is awareness. I’m here for any of you who need an extra push! ❤️ FREE THERAPY LINK IN BIO

Me, my man, and my brand 🌹
Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ We just released our V day capsule! I’ve been working my ass off on this (I’m so tired, guys) and I’m so proud of the final results, I could cry. Head over to @jaded.la to shop this look! Please follow and support @jaded.la for more releases and giveaways! I’ll be hosting another giveaway next week! ✨ #JADEDLA 📸 @itsteacake

Ok I had to post this on my page too, cuz I love and appreciate all y'all beauties who modeled for my brand 🌹❤️ COMPILATION OF LAUGHS behind the scenes of @jaded.la 🤣 Thanks y'all for being so down to earth 💕 #JADEDLA

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Currently: editing this photo set for my new blog! I’m honestly having such a hard time figuring out how to even start my first blog post on #mentalhealth and my journey with depression. I know most of you guys are here for the fashion, but if there are some of you who would like to know more about my story, or who are also struggling, I’d be grateful for any of your suggestions!
All dressed up in @valfre 🦋
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I can’t believe February is right around the corner... time flies when you’re busy af 😭
Shop this look from my collection with @whats.mode
Link in bio 💖

Modeled for @omocat with my fraternal twin @sippystraw 👫😺
It’s always good vibes around the #omocat team! Support these down to earth, hard working individuals! 💖
Wearing Park Harajuku x Omocat T-shirt ✨
#OMOCAT #ParkHarajuku

Something in the way she moves 🎶
#AbbeyRoad inspired shot 🚶🏻‍♀️ Head over to @jaded.la to shop this look! There’s a site-wide sale going on until Feb! 🙏🏻 Please follow & support my brand! 📸- @analogpics 🌹- @jaded.la

Ahh Koreatown— the lifestyle and the energy is so convoluted here, but it wouldn’t be the same without it. Most of the town isn’t assimilated to American culture, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. You can survive here without knowing a lick of English... 🇰🇷
Wearing @thedejou___en

I’ve been eyeing this beret by @valfre since before it even came out 😆✨ I’m so in love with it 🦋💕
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I’m currently working on a new website/blog to share occasional outfit looks and also to write about my experiences in hopes of reaching those struggling with depression. It’s a touchy topic, but it’s time for me to open up more— raising #mentalhealthawareness is a huge goal of mine and it is more important than most people know, or wish to think. Everyone is hurting in one way or another, and that’s something to never forget.🌹

Had to take a week off of social media because sometimes the pressure just gets to me 😔 tbh social media has always given me unnecessary anxiety... But I wanna post more this year, get to know y’all better, and help or inspire at least one other person!!! That’s why I’m still here, and I hope that didn’t sound cheesy af 😂🌹✨
Wearing @valfre
Code “ESSY20” for 20% off

#awkward 💖 and dressed in @valfre 🌸 I could seriously wear Valfre everyday-- I'm always in love with everything they make 🌹 I wanna jump into their illustrations and become a Valfre doll 😍
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ever been cat called? I think we all have.
Let's take a stand against it with the cutest crop top that gives back to the national sexual assault hotline 💖 I had such a fun time shooting will ALL these lovely ladies 💕🌸
@shopchrissasparkles GIRL GANG ✨

I will be at @blushcon & @animeimpulse tomorrow! 🌸
Ahh I've been so busy this year and it's only the 12th LOL 😩When will things calm down 🙄😂 Remember to give yourself a break guysss!!!

Had a couple days of rain (gasp) but now we're back to sunny LA skies 🌞
Head over to @jaded.la for a sitewide sale! I'll be hosting another giveaway when the page reaches 1k! ✨✨✨✨ 📸- @analogpics

Take the road less traveled. 🚶🏻‍♀️
Wearing @latokyo 📸- @ruudes

See more at @jaded.la
📸- @analaogpics

Life is too short to hinder yourself from happiness 🌹 Happy 2018! The sky is the limit. Let's stop dreaming and start hustling. 💪
Hair by @colorbychristina 💆🏻💕✨

Dear 2017, you sucked but you were also on my side. This year was a huge learning experience for me. Even though times were hard, I came out a better person this year. I'm extremely thankful for all the amazing new friends I made this year, and for the friends who always stick around like gum 😂 Cheers to the last day of 2017! 🎉✨Happy NYE ✨🎉 Onwards to 2018!

Not sure what I'm doing with my face 🤷🏻‍♀️
But I'm pretty sure of what I'm doing dis weekend thanks to my handy (and super cute) planner from @hadronepoch 🙏🏻💕 I honestly don't know how I'd get things done/organized without one since digital planners don't work for me. I'm more of an analog type of gal 💕 HBU? #HadronEpoch

(Been) Obsessed with @Valfre 💕If I could, I'd buy everything for sale 😂
Wearing the "Tita" dress! Use my code 💕"ESSY20" 💕

🤷🏻‍♀️What makes you feel confident? Aside from makeup, hair, clothing, and all of that superficial stuff, knowing that I have a great support system of friends makes me feel confident af. I wouldn't be standing here today without them. #CreatingConfidence with @beautylaunchpad

Merry Christmas, y'all!
I can't believe the year is already coming to an end!!!! Time flies by faster with every year that passes... is this a part of getting old? 😂😭

When your shoes are bigger than you 😂
Top from @thedejou___en 💕

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