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Samantha ⓥ  🗣 30-something #vegan in real life 🍽 smoked tofu ♥️ all fellow earthlings 🖊communications ☀️hiking, biking, paddling 👾 mariokart 📍santa barbara, ca

The beast that I work with and my #beastfree @nativeshoes. Doggo likes to hide on the elevator 😂😭

Santa? I know her!

These fun fams visited us yesterday and we had some beach fun 🥰

Last night’s parade was fun, I lost my voice cheering for all the marching bands. I’ve never stood outside for a two-hour holiday parade before, then again I’ve never been so warm at night this time of year!

My mom sent me this photo and it looks like a few others in my feed this afternoon... miss you PA pals. Hope you enjoyed that double rainbow goodness all the way across the sky! 🌈🌈

Balloon Dog (blue) - Jeff Koons

Longing for Eternity - Yayoi Kusama

Last weekend we saw some amazing artworks *for free* in LA.
Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away - Yayoi Kusama

Watched @spacex launch from SB and it was pretty neat 🚀 so cool that we can see it IRL.

I see you, Isla Vista 🌊 great morning for a walk with pals 💕

I’m the best at makin’ friends. Not shown: treat stash. #doggosofinstagram

Tastin’ things. 🍷

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