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Good morning!
Next week will be the start of my Blessings on Blessings client appreciation summer sale!
Follow @e3_exquisite for all the details!
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The work never stops! Please stop what you are doing and go follow my business page. This page will have all of my new deals, promos, and videos you don't want to miss out on all the new things I'm about to release! @e3_exquisite @e3_exquisite @e3_exquisite @e3_exquisite @e3_exquisite
Spread the word and please tell a friend! ❤👑#crownedbye3 #customunitsbye3 #slayedbye3 #exquisiteextensionsbyessence @e3_exquisite

Woke up this morning with this on my mind. I've been taking time away from people and making changes for myself. I've realized that so many people are stuck chasing someone else's dream and someone else's lifestyle. So many people see someone's success and go after their career and business but they don't realize that the hustle is sold separately! Everyone is NOT meant to be a BOSS. Some of you think by being the boss you don't have to work hard and have long hours and sleepless night or have droughts where the money isn't right ! If you think you'll be a boss overnight without putting in any work this life isn't the life for you. Take the time to evaluate the company you keep. That may have a lot to do with your progress or your lack of it. Everyone isn't fortunate to have a great support system or team to help build with them but if you do it is an amazing feeling. Remember you should be able to "eat" with your friends not secretly compete with your friends! This mornings rant just takes me back to saying dominate your lane and the money will come. If you are the best at doing what you do people have no choice but to come to you and pay for your services. ❤👑
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Please book via text ladies this includes wig inquiries as well! Thank you all !
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Establishing my brand and get closer to my dreams each day! This weekend was amazing it felt great to be around such strong and ambitious women. I left Dallas this weekend feeling empowered and motivated. There is nothing that will stop me from reaching my goals! @kris_thedaughter you did an amazing job everything was beautiful! I am so proud of you and you will forever be a inspiration to me! I love you! ❤👑 #crownedbye3 #customunitsbye3 #exquisiteextensionsbyessence #slayedbye3 #unapologetic

I can't not tell you how excited I am about this weekend ladies! Raffles for $5 and a 10% off promo code will be released as well! You can miss out on any of this! ❤👑
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About last nights Slay! Full unit with a lace frontal!#whatwig❤👑
#crownedbye3 #exquisiteextensionsbyessence #customunitsbye3 #slayedbye3

This weekend ladies !! For ONLY $5 you get a chance to win 3 bundles 😱! Raffle tickets only on sale in Saturday and the winner will be announced the same day!! ❤👑
#slayedbye3 #customunitsbye3 #exquisiteextensionsbyessence #crownedbye3

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