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the name's Spring  🎶 aspiring artist, musical and otherwise 🎶 YouTube ⬇️

It's been so long since I've last posted!
Inspiration struck in the middle of the night, so I had to record something and share it. I apologize for the low quality, but more videos will be coming soon!

"Solrenian Lullaby," an original song that I've had ever since the fifth or sixth grade. I figured why not share it here?
(Also see how the name ties in with my username?? Eh? Eh?? Okay I'm lame I know.)

Some progress on "Can't Help Falling in Love," my cover done on uke.
The full video is on my YouTube, and the link is in my bio to those interested.

Little part of a song I'm working on
(Lyrics inspired by those by @imaafraidoflife, as a kind of counter-opposed view to her own lyrics) (I hope that makes sense??)

Random words added to random tune and you get this

Just a little tune I came up with this morning. Hopefully I can make something of it.

Sometimes I'll remember tunes that I came up with from years and years ago, and this is one of them.
I've started recording them in the hopes to work off of them and turn them into songs, so I hope you enjoy the Beta version of my music :3

"Golden Heart," an original song by me.
For the full video, go to my YouTube channel! (Link is in my bio.)

A little bit of vocal practice ft. Halsey's "Control."
I've noticed my voice has improved since the last few posts I've made, and I'm really excited about that!

House of the Rising Sun on uke, attempt # idontevencareanymore

"Colors" by Halsey.
Better quality video is up on my YouTube channel, and the link is in my bio if you're interested!

My favorite beginning to any video I've ever done (link to the full video is in my bio, it's my cover of "Control" by Halsey.)
If you listen closely at the beginning you can hear Lily's meow as she cries to be picked up ❤

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