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‘Walk alongside me daddy and hold my little hand. I have so many things to learn that I don’t yet understand. 🔷 Teach me things to keep me safe from dangers every day. Show me how to be my best at home, at school, at play. 🔷 Every child needs a gentle hand to guide them as they grow. So walk alongside me, daddy. We have a long way to go.’ ~ Helen Bush ✨ #freyjalilja #lokifreyja @freyja_aloha #bestfriends #mirrors #daughter Mahalo auntie PC: @clairejumanji

We have the best times together! We have really challenging times together also! That’s how things go. Our self-care, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being matter so much. We all use release practices and self care practices to shake off things that we pick up as we go through life. Hearing about Anthony Bourdains passing made me realize that our culture has a long way to go to make everyone feel ease in reaching out for help when they need. #laughterismedicine #tripod #myloves #taimane #livemusic #honolulu #lokifreyja #freyjalilja #lokielvar @loki.elvar @freyja_aloha #iloveyou

Playing, connecting, laughing, sharing, living and learning with Loki is my greatest joy.
#grateful #greatfull #fatherson #baciball #connecting #beach #teacher #lokielvar #lokifreyja @loki.elvar PC: @clairejumanji mahalo sister🌀

I’m so grateful to have such a solid group of friends~tribe hike in Kalalau valley! The natural disaster last week brought us closer together~we supported each other and lifted each other up to face extreme challenges and we thrived as a result! #kalalau #ltdr #🌈🌈 #kalalauvalley #waterfall #earthday

Happy Earth day! I was lucky enough to experience and capture the fairytale like essence of Kalalau valley last week. #kalalauvalley #kalalau #earthday #fairytale

I hiked the Kalalau Trail in Kauai last week with a group of over 25 friends. The journey took many turns including emergency helicopter evacuations and a state of emergency because of record breaking rain, flooding and sadly homes being washed away. A group of us hiked about 20 miles in 2 days from Kalalau to Hanalei to get back home. It was equally challenging and exhilarating and I’m grateful to be back home with friends, family and especially Loki and Freyja💜💙 #kalalautrail #kauai #kauaiflood2018 #wemadeinternationalnews #nofilter

Loki Elvar asked me recently if he could take #nvc classes ( #nonviolentcommunication ) with me. He’s been observing me react differently to upsets and then communicating about it. I also make mistakes and own up to them and re try and he is inspired by this. He reacts differently to his upsets than me and his sister. He gets quiet and wants space. Then he ‘takes the anger’ out on me (or Freyja) by refusing to do activities that we plan. He doesn’t like this because it affects him too and he wants to grow his emotional intelligence! I’m so proud of him and grateful that we teach each other~shared needs! A basic #nvc principle. #lokielvar #lokifreyja #model 📸:@cute_kids_of_hawaii @loki_elvar

What a blessing it is for them to journey through this life together! Their bond is so strong having experienced so much together in their short lives already. I feel that it’s not their first time experiencing each other~their souls are forever bonded in this lifetime and others🌀💙🔮💜 @loki_elvar @freyja_aloha #siblings #lokifreyja #freyjalilja #stiltwalker #kidsonstilts #circus #circuslife #kailua

Smart, loving, understanding, empathetic, organized, consistent, proud, strong, athletic, caring, assertive, talented, artistic, beautiful~some of her amazing qualities. @freyja_aloha I’m so lucky to have you inspire me! #luckydad #freyjalilja #lokifreyja 📸: The Amazing @cute_kids_of_hawaii

Communication, trust, strength and flexibility are some attributes that help in acro. So is being able to laugh at your goofs and then try again! #acro #acroyoga #floatingpaschi @rheavega

My first ever hand to hand. It’s not pretty but it’s a start. Taking the first step towards any goal is often the most difficult but always so rewarding! Thanks @yoga_scoop you are so talented 🙌🏽 #acro #acroyoga #mancro #handtohand

Wanderlust was so fun. Got to do acro with so many people! Acro is a great, safe way to connect platonically with friends! Let’s play! #acro #acroyoga @rheavega so fun💫

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