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Everybody is different. I am no different.

I think too much. Sometimes I even catch myself not thinking at all.

But when my mind runs wild and I think of it all, I take a step back before I jump or I fall.

Social media is too much, we can't begin to even think it.

New not even older than you, but our actions have consequences and we have yet to claim them.

I do this every so often. "Quit" social media. I've been off of the major sources for some time now and I think I've come to the point where I don't NEED or frankly want this one anymore either.

What's different this time? I'm not mad or angry. I'm just bored of it all. Really, for all the stunting and fronting and wanting people do on social media I will now do in the tangible world. I might find myself back on in the future- if it benefits me to do so, but for now I have to put any spare time and energy into things that are far more important.

Thanks for all the support homies&ettes.
Signing off of espresso_style permanently- Brandon.

Whatever it is you're good at, do it. Be conscious of what it is and excel in that direction. Many times we get caught up focusing on what we think we ought to be instead of what we are. Waste no more time.
You know deep down where you belong. Bring that feeling to the surface. 🌊🌊🌊



Beer w/ "the legend".

Phase 3 | 08-22-2016

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