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Alright @stephenasmith whatever you say bro...I mean is it irrational to think that the @trailblazers would want to keep Dame given he’s the face of the franchise and earned the 3rd seed in the West last year? No, everyone’s gotta get traded according to Stephen A...(via @knicks.clique)

Just so you can see the last two videos I posted side by side...the narrative sure changed quickly for @stephenasmith. He literally said “why even bother playing next season” and then said that WE were overreacting. FOH! (Video via @nba.nation)

Hold up. Did this dude not say yesterday “why even bother playing next season” when referring to the rest of the nba? And now he’s saying we’re overreacting? Alright Stephen A, it’s one or the other please decide... (video via @firsttake)

Aside from looking like a burnt chicken nugget, @stephenasmith actually has a point. There’s no point for players to even play anymore knowing they’ll just lose. We need to boycott tbh, the fans don’t deserve this😪 (Video via @stephenasmith)

Stolen from @hoopsnation. Lmfao Stephen A. Is that you??? Jk that actually sounds like something Max Kellerman’s goofy ass would say😭😭😭

Well we already know LeBron is there but what about Kawahi? What do you think @stephenasmith? (Video via @savvy_the_amusing)

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