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🎶this is the way we write our Libretto, write our Libretto, write our Libretto, this is the way we write our Libretto so🎵...
get ready y’all...iphigenia’s coming back to reclaim her story...via Opera

Ooooooooh!!! it's my birthday!!!!!!
I wiissssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh for-

Aaaaaaand mixing continues with Fernando...it's almost ready to print and ship y'all!

visiting Pioneerworks today. reminiscing bout "Virgin Writes"... come down tomorrow to the show if you ain't booked... 9pm

...psssst, I'm performing Friday at Pioneerworks...
Will we perform songs from Exposure?
...ummm, at least 1...or 2...or 3...or?

...sooo, meet Rich Costey, mix engineer extraordinaire, currently mixing EXPOSURE!!! Mmmmmm...

From last night at Portland Art Museum's 125th birthday Gala!! And flanked by photos of four inspiring "Promotoras" from the marvelous organization Bienestar. ...all the music we played I wrote inspired by their stories...#lifeisthehighestartform
(video by @hollyandres)

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!! .
Photo credit: Robert Reinlund

Mesmerized watching Lalah kill it in the next room 🔮✨💫 35th hour in full effect !

9 hours down and the band just is arriving, ready to put some flesh on the day's bones. Join us on Facebook Live to see it unfold... 68 hours to go.

In the Bible, 7 is the number of completion. The world was created in 7 days. 7 has always had a mystical power in not just our canon, but in many cultures. That's why there are 77 hours in Exposure. That's why there are only 7,777 copies being sold. Because this is about what can be created in a short span of time. Presuming we're made in gods' image, and they could create a whole world in 7 days, I sure as hell should be able to make an album in 77 hours. Starting, oh.... right about NOW!! on Facebook live

two days and counting...

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