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  baby give me a break

Now where’s @umdixie and her strawberita...


I asked him what that thang do and he told me “poop”

Let’s be real none of you would even know that church existed if Disney hadn’t made a movie bout it so please stop using this as an excuse to show off that you’ve been to Paris before... Also this is me in Paris. 🤗

Yeah this looks all nice and good but you don’t see us sleeping in a freezing train station and quite literally living off of stroopwafel and haribo gummy bears

Took sum dum trip 🤷🏼‍♀️

And shove it up your butt!

Do I look boppin? A bit groovy?

miss you so much (it’s a song)

Lots of laughs and lots of love :) also this is my new girlfriend, Samantha

Y’all are missing out on Croatian supermarkets

Definitely would not recommend coming here !!

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