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Esmeralda Pineiro  Amir's #1 Fan 👦🏻💙 Vet Tech Student🐾 VIP Host @sway_nightclub🍾 Reptile Lover🦎 Jeeper ⚪️|||||||⚪️ Fort Lauderdale

A lie can travel half away around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Michael the Jackson’s chameleon done with his morning sun. @mikesantiagojr 🌞🌴☺️💚 #michaelthejacksonschameleon ##jacksonschameleon #chameleon #chameleonsofinstagram #vitamind

Adventures with you.❤️

From left to right in less than 5 seconds. She fascinates me.😍 Thank you again @mikesantiagojr for this beauty.😘❤️ #daisythechameleon #carpetchameleon #chameleon #chameleonsofinstagram


Did you go outside today?🙌🏼😁💙 #beachdaysarethebestdays

I love him so much.💕 #mybabyforeveryouwillbe

Can we just be food critics for the rest of our lives.💛 @mikesantiagojr

My baby had his first swimming lesson today! I’m so proud of him.😌❤️ #mysweetsweetlove

This is Cookie my male crested gecko (Shadow x Truffle morph)🍪💜 The crested gecko is an arboreal (tree climber), nocturnal (active at night) gecko. They measure 4 to 5 inches as a full grown adult and can live for 15-20 years. Crested geckos’ tails do come off when they are exposed to a stressful situation, and they do not regenerate. Tailless crested geckos can live perfectly normal lives, so there is no cause for concern if one’s tail is lost. Crested geckos have gentle dispositions that allow them to be handled, and they are hardy, making them a good choice for a first gecko or reptile.

Fun fact: Once thought extinct, this charming, soft-skinned gecko with big eyelashes appeared during a rainstorm in New Caledonia in 1994 and pleasantly surprised everyone! It is now one of the most popular reptiles in the pet trade.🦎 #cookiethecrestedgecko #crestedgecko #crestedgeckosofinstagram #geckosofig #emilysgeckos #gecko #geckos #repticonwestpalm

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