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Marriage is not some fairytale. It is LOVE, SELFLESSNESS, PATIENCE, TOLERANCE and ENDURING the hard times together.
Alhamdulilah another year of being together. We have been at the top and at the lowest point. All praises to Allah for the strength and support we gave to each other. May Allah give you strong faith to lead this family. Happy anniversary my love.
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My 1st born, the 1st one who taught me to be a mother. Happiest 11th birthday #shafiqahNatasha May Allah turn you into a successful, responsible & graceful young lady with strong faith. Chase your dreams and decide on what you love doing. InsyaAllah you will have Daddy & Mama’s blessing. Don’t forget to Study hard and play hard too.
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Prawn hokkien mee for dinner. Pair it with sambal belacan and some lime juice. Power!!!! Ingredients: -1kg prawns, peeled (don’t throw the shells and head) -500g Squid -3 clove garlic, chopped
-1cm ginger, chopped -1L water -fishcake, fishball -2 nos egg
-Yellow noodles (I just eyeball the quantity so I don’t really know how many Gms I put in)
-Laksa noodles (Same 👆🏻) -Fish sauce to taste
Method -In a pot, place all the prawn shells and head in and fry it WITHOUT OIL till fragrant. Add in water and leave it to boil on low fire for 3-4hrs. This will be your stock. -In a pan, add oil once heated add in chopped garlic and ginger. Fry till fragrant (dont burn it) add in prawns, squid, fishball or fishcake. -Add in the eggs and let it cook abit and immediately add in the noodles. Mix well and add your desired amount of stock and bean sprouts (taugeh) if you like. -Add in fish sauce to taste and mix well. -Garnish with spring onion and enjoy your noodles.
Happy trying! Dont forget to tag me when you have tried the recipe! ❤️ #nisakopitiam #homechef2017 #halalhomecook #sghalalfood #sharefood #makansg #hokkienmee #dineinnsg #dineinn

#shafiqahnatasha 1st overseas trip without us. This separation anxiety is so much different. Mama have been reminding you to take care of yourself and your stuff. May Allah keep you safe my dearest.
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Natasha’s is trying to get a spot in @scsdairysg Junior Bake Off. We need you to help 👍🏻 her picture on SCSDairy FB page. Only 👍🏻 will be counted!

Thank you!
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Happy Deepavali to all Hindu friends. Enjoy the holiday. ❤️ Kojol

@shaiful_cine birthday celebration @badoquecafe
So we had “The Last Supper” I guess its gonna last us till breakfast instead. Huge portion, the meats were cooked to perfection especially the beef ribs.
For now “Food Coma”!!! #thegaffars #yingfamily #nisalfies

Happiest birthday to the queen of my heart! May Allah always bless you with good health, wealth and the best of everything. Thank you for always being there for me even tho I very whiny. Thank you for being best mother and Grandma for the kids. We love you too much no amount of money can be compared with you have done for us.
Why my face like cramp only in this picture? Maybe pangsai la.

@shugattaque will be at Masjid Hasanah on the 17th November 2018 from 9am-8.30pm.
We will be bringing our Ondeh squares, brownie bites in cup and personal pan fruit pastry cake.
Teban Gardens and Pandan Gardens people show some love!

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Happiest birthday to the king of my heart. May Allah bless you with good health and wealth (so that you can bring me to more holidays). Thank you for being the best Grandpapa. We love you so much! ❤️, your one & only whiny princess.

Family that eat together stay together.
#thegaffars #nisalfies #houseofalfie

In need of an Aussie getaway. Missing cool breeze, laid back life, farms, chocolate factory & fresh seafood. Bring me back to Perth. 😏

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