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I hit the gym so I won’t hit you. True story. #lift#ihustleforthemuscle

Who has tried the food @britishindiancurryhut in Holland V? YUMMMMM!! And now I can get 5% Cashback using ShopBack GO! The process was quick and easy - simply linked my credit card with ShopBack GO and activated Cashback for the outlet!
Paid as I normally would, and the Cashback was credited back into my @ShopBackSG account, which I can withdraw to my bank account directly!
So whenever you eat out, don't forget to check out ShopBack GO and activate Cashback at over 400 dining spots! To check out this handy new feature, download the ShopBack App and head over to ShopBack GO. You can get a $10 Bonus Cashback when you download using or sign up with a ShopBack account using this referral code: GO-ESWARI
#ShopBackGO #paystodineout #singaporefood #singaporefoodie

Oh that's me, just showing off a piloxing move that I learnt. Moves that can be done at home... Challenging I must say, but it has been keeping me on track with my fitness goal! How is your 2019 fitness journey coming along? Share your progress with me and let's motivate each other!
#endorsed #NewYearNewYou #hpbsg

So .... i decided to just explore with my make up. Not a professional but i do what works best for me. Sharing with you ladies what I have used on my face and trust me these products are 😍😍😍 and does magic on dark skin!
Foundation: @makeupforeversg ultra HD foundation
Concealer: @roxx_metics medium foundation quad.
Setting powder: Laura mercier translucent powder
Eye: @makeupforeversg STAR LIT PALLETE.
Lashes: @roxx_metics GISELLE
Bronzing powder: JLO @inglotsingapore j211 sunkissed!
Lip color: @makeupforeversg artist lip blush (100)


When I see someone talking bullshit.
Mind voice: unnala tsunami yen tukuleh. ( "உன்ன-லா சுனாமி ஏன் தூக்குலே”)

I know it's the time of that year... where everyone says new year new me! And I say WHY NOT!
I have always been into fitness but I've got to agree sometimes my laziness gets in the way and interupts my fitness regime.
So this 2019, I am gonna stick by it no matter what! I only have one body and I'm investing and giving it my all! Thinking of trying out a new activity - maybe piloxing or aerial yoga? Why don't you join me and share with me your fitness plans for the new year?
#endorsed #NewYearNewYou #hpbsg

2018. Every year we choose to believe that its gonna be a wonderful year.. but let's face it. It's not always gonna be a bed of roses. When there is good, there is always always gonna be bad. AND ITS OKAY! 2018 taught me many valuable lessons. Most importantly I made peace with myself. Now I'm putting all the bad behind & stepping into 2019 with only the good. 2019, you are probably not gonna be a smooth ride but i am fcking ready for you. And I'm always gonna stick by my motto, laugh a little more, love a little more, give a little more and most importantly live a little more!
I am gonna make 2019 a year full of love, life, success, peace and happiness! After all what's meant to be, will always be (: Make 2019 count. Make your story count. ❤

Thank you @lavieaestheticssg for your glaze+ laser facial! I see my acne scars fading away little by little and I am already looking forward to another session ♥️💙 #lavieaestheticssg #glaze+ #laserfacial


There are two things I look forward in my day .. sleep time and shower time. And thanks to dove instant form it makes my shower time .. a rejuvenation.. sleep after showers are much more relaxed .. 😍. & how cute is this Dove foam filter 😍 post a picture of yourself with the filter and share how #doveinstantfoam has made a difference to your shower time! #dovesg #doveinstantform

It's here, it's here! The season of love, joy and giving! CHRISTMAS!!! Its time to find the perfect gift filled with love for my special ones ❤ & I got my eyes on Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Essential Set! (:
#EsteeLauderSG #ELXMAS18

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