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Eswari Gunasagar  Have courage. Be kind. For business enquiries: πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

This is one love story you wouldn't wanna miss!

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Thank you @yanni_andayanni for the ahhhhmazing make up! ❀ #jblive #vasanthamlive

Ahh.... this picture! I know, don’t laugh!!! Can you spot me in the second pic?
I remember complaining to my friends, why have a photoshoot right after PE lesson? I was totally dreading it because I was so sweaty! And just like that 15 years have passed!! 😒 I wish I was that carefree again, only worrying about how I looked in my school photo and not about all the things that life was going to throw at me as I grew up. Looking back at the picture, it's definitely a reminder that the #futureiscloser than you think!

Just when you think you have time.. time surprises you with its speed! So it's always safe to be ready, to be prepared for whatever ride life is gonna take you for... now and for time to come!


"Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes." - Robert Altman

Giving you a glimpse of what is coming in October!

A Tale of Everlasting Love - #Till Jannah, A Karthik Jega Musical

Featuring Shobana Gunasagar | A Kevin William Directional

#TillJannah #AKarthikJegaMusical #AKevinWilliamDirectional #Filmoholic #MokkaeFactory #LokanEnterprises #ShobanaGunasagar #BackBenchers #PicBitzPhotography

This time its gonna be all about love. β™₯️ I cant wait for this one. Too excited! 😍😍😍 coming real soon! #kklovedrama @jaburdeenfaruk @suria_velan @varman.official @alawdin_jahabarali
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S M I L E. πŸŽ€πŸ˜Š Make up & styling: @looksstudio
Photography: @rafiesphotography
accessories: @mastanibridal


Till Jannah - A Tale of Everlasting Love - A Karthik Jega Musical 🎢
Featuring Shobana Gunasagar and Karthik Jega.
Hitting your playlists from Oct 2018! Stay Tuned!

A bit bias coz my sister @shobanagunasagar !!

Dinner with the family is always special β™₯ and these are the moments that I treasure the most. The Galaxy Note9’s Bluetooth connected S Pen allows me to use it as a remote trigger which makes taking family wefies so much easier! No more awkward silence that you usually have when you set your timer!! @samsung_sg#samsungSg #galaxynote9#myphoneismorepowerthanyours

G I T A N J A L I β™₯️ #kklovedrama #17sept #vasanthamTV

A day in my life!
The life of a student!! Assignments, readings & quizzes! But thank God I can just store all my readings in my #note9 without the worry of limited storage! I can just read them up anytime! Multitasking is also made so much easier with its extremely fast processor. #samsungSg #samsungnote9 #myphoneismorepowerthanyours

Time check 11am: Just finished my workout and check out that post-workout glow πŸ™ˆ Maybe it's also because of my Note9's amazing camera!! Moreover, listening to music is a must during my workouts but thanks to the Note9's extended battery life, i can just go on and on with my music without having to worry if I have enough battery for the rest of the day. #samsungSg #samsungnote9 #myphoneismorepowerthanyours

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