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"Lunch with a View" #lunchwithaview #dccourtofappeals

"Having a day?" Happy to be back in one of my favorite cities - with my favorite girl! @compashion ❀️ #havingaday #getturnt #hstreet #atlasart #washingtondc #sundayfunday #femmefataledcpopup

To 'lose one's marbles' is to lose one's mind. From the mid-nineteenth century 'marbles' was also used to mean 'personal effects', 'goods' or more generally 'stuff'. During the late nineteenth century 'losing ones marbles' began to mean 'getting frustrated or angry'. The expression took a little time to mature and was used in both 'anger' and 'sanity' senses for a few decades. It has been suggested that the meaning derives from the Elgin Marbles, the collection of sculptures from the Parthenon Frieze taken from Athens by Lord Elgin in 1806. (An interesting theory, but there's no evidence to support the idea.) What is common in all the early citations is the sense of loss and the consequent reaction to it. - (Not a suitable "academic" source, I know.) #lostmymarbles

"Erica, how is grad school going?"
#flailing #stillherebitches #iheartacademia

The Way I Think (exhibition) @ The Phillips Collection. "Picasso painted a violin from four different perspectives at one time. I do the same with psychological states." - George Condo

Happy Birthday, Ashley! 😜 @compashion I don't understand how it is still possible after all of this time - but my love for you grows stronger each and every day! πŸ’ž


#mood repost: @33thirdmedia artist: unknown

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