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  Maybe, there is no reality in here? 👇🖕👇🖕


Society will changes sometimes, people push their limit to be blended with social and become the ideal one. Being and nothingness, to be somebody or something, try to leaving or staying. But you can living and dying at the same time, it's only teenage wasteland. .
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Disanalah aku berhenti, absen izin pamit beristirahat sementara. Pamit pada keadaan, dan akhirnya hilang untuk sekedar meminum kopi dari cawan milik dionysus. Sembari membangun kembali kesadaran, keluguan dan kemunafikan yang ditelan mentah-mentah.

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Modern age in one pic, right? Pararel existence. You can save your word, but I'm not really sure about security. Sometimes unsecured thing have a motto to save your life and then sharing will be so simply and boring. .
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Mind are glowing. Feel glad something lost was founding when the sun is rising. But you can't see, cause your eyes blinding. Till the gold was melting, you don't even know what is happening.

Maybe everything was shining, everything is so distracting and left questioning. Where something lost was founding? Cause you can't forget everything. So you don't regret anything.

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de·fi·ni·si /définisi/ adalah kata, frasa, atau kalimat yang mengungkapkan makna, keterangan, atau ciri utama dari orang, benda, proses, atau aktivitas; batasan (arti);
rumusan tentang ruang lingkup dan ciri-ciri suatu konsep yang menjadi pokok pembicaraan atau studi;

Nobody hear and see what is inside you except yourself.

War is over, soldier. You just don't know it yet. Everybody lost. - Flashpoint Paradox


I didn't mean to make it mind, at least something stuck on mine. Brain.

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Giving up your head to the sky and see what's going on with your mind.


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