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Purnama Esa Dora  Lecturer ● Interior Designer Line: esadora @daridoradori

Thankyou for the gift :) The thematic #scrapframe will surely be a sweet additional to my sapi collection, ladies..
And it's such an honor to recieve that catchy title and #handsketch #carricature made by intra 2013's artist JohnPram.. iya cakepan karikaturnya :D

#index2017 #interior_petra

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

Photo by @poohpuih.yennykh
#forest #anaksdjalanjalan #hutanpinusmangunan #happinessformula

Selamat jalan Mallow.. tukang ngomelku.. yang mukanya bego, makannya banyak, tidurnya ngorok, suka bersin2.. Setelah Mallow ga ada, siapa yang bakal ngomelin aku kalo aku pulang malem?
Setelah Mallow ga ada, siapa yang bakal ngomelin aku kalo aku pake mobilnya papa?
Setelah Mallow ga ada, siapa yang bakal ngomelin aku kalo aku pulang dr luar kota?
Setelah Mallow ga ada, siapa yang bakal ngomelin aku kalo tidur kemaleman?
Setelah Mallow ga ada, siapa yang bakal ngomelin aku kalo turunnya telat?

#goodbyemallow #missyoualready #ripmallow

Finally, the wait is over for all @mimidemeong fans out there. Thanks to @nitchii for sharing and tutoring #visualdiary #visualjournal in today's workshop at @artotelsurabaya @ilove_artotel

Well spent weekend indeed
#manualrendering #visualart #visualnotetaking #artotelsurabaya #tribeproject #iloveartotel #artotelprojectseries

Ciwi-ciwi model Bayclin...
... and one cool baby you wish you could be one ...
Once again congrats @liuliza and Ray!! One step closer. Have a smooth and blessed prep to the big day

Cover photo by talented @gunawanwibisonoliman from @storyteller.photo
The rest photos by abang2 photo booth dan HPnya @emiliaferbelina
#raylizscape #ladiesinwhite

Kelayapan semalam, semalam kelayapan

Outing with @icare_sd @icare_wbm
Photo by @gunawanwibisonoliman from @storyteller.photo
#anaksdjalanjalan #jalanjalanmalam

Bermain bukan bekerja, berkarya bukan bekerja. Kalau ga berkarya dengan hati, jangan sama sekali. Terimakasih untuk waktu dan sharing ilmunya Pak @ibnu.amali
Dan yang membuat masa berkarya menjadi spesial adalah manusia2 dengan gaya ala2 kamen rider berbaju putih ini.. they are my students, will soon be our alumni, and will be friends cum colleagues in the long run. It's been an amazing week, great semester, and a previlege in its own to serve with you all in @indexpetra2017
#index #index2017 #intra_petra #pameranTA

'Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise
~ Blessings by: Laura Story ~

It has been gloomy these days to see your friends lost their beloved ones.. be strong and know that you are loved and not alone..
Photo by @anik_rakhmawati

Let me deliver my deepest gratitude for your judicium. It has been an honor for me to take part in your last effective 8 months of final project. Though it's been hard for you and your ideas to grow into real thing (and me beeing such a troublesome as well), I am still surprised to see how you guys managed to finished it all to your best.

To have you share your life in these past 4 years with us, letting me to see some of your specifically grow as much (you know who you are), letting me see the soft side and stupid but necessary sides of you (you should know who you are ;)) has been such a blessing in their own for me. I am so much thankful for your pressence, hardwork, availability, and willingness for discussion. Thankyou for being such a good students, great mantees, awesome fighter, and will be a truthful friend in the long run hopefully.. keep on learning, keep on growing, and I would love to see you on your top!

Finally, congratulation for interior design dept class of 2013..
Note: the last parts are not any kind of ritual dance whatsoever..
Thankyou @brianntjia for lending us hand the other day :)
#interior_petra #interiordesign #designstudent #collegelife #judicium #intra2013 #lecturelife #ukpetra #ukp

Might as well half table with you?

Photo by @popie_nilasari
#gatherinc #mural #wallart

Thankyou everyone for spending some (seconds, minutes, hours) of your life to give me some thoughtful wishes, surprises, performance (special seronok yet cute one by Lusi the dog), delivery early in the morning, choosing present to add colours to my special day :) The day was special, but yet with your presence it was even more special and dear to me. Thankyou even for those who are not tagged or captured on screen. You know you are special and I am so blessed to know and have you in my life journey. Because of you I know I am loved.. Thankyou #hugs #kiss #thankful #specialday #blessedandloved

Get yourself excited for PSP's opening ceremony and Petra Race, tomorrow!!!
Creative team @callmeniendy
Photo by @yusufhy_
#psp2017 #openingceremony #ukp

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